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December 17, 2008  1:02 AM

Overheard – Scareware is a $100 million scam

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Malware, scareware, Security, Spyware

warning1.gif A Baltimore federal court judge ordered six absent defendants yesterday - including one from Maryland - to shut...

October 8, 2008  11:02 AM

Overheard: Clickjacking can turn your computer into a remote surveillance device

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
clickjacking, Spyware

jeremiah_grossman.jpg The bad news is that with clickjacking, any computer with a microphone and/or a web camera...

September 25, 2008  12:48 PM

Overheard: What to do if your clipboard has been hijacked

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
anti-virus, clipboard, Malware, Spyware, Technology, Trojan

"The problem with malware being served through advertisements is starting to become a serious one, with attackers seeming to enjoy it more and more because websites are not rushing to take steps to prevent it." Lucian Constantin,

October 2, 2007  12:41 PM

Overheard – Beware of widgets bearing gifts

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Marketing, Spyware, Web 2.0, widgets

cory.gif "Widgets have become the unexpected buzzword of 2007; just a few weeks ago I discussed how they can be used for marketers...


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