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September 8, 2008  4:44 PM

Overheard: WEP and weak IVs

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
cryptography, Encryption, Security, Seth Fogie, WEP

fogie_seth.jpg The problem arises when you have duplicate IV values. If an attacker knows the content of one of the packets he...

September 4, 2008  2:30 PM

Overheard: Why Sarah Palin became a hacker

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
computer forensics, hacking, Sarah Palin

sarah-palin.jpg The technician "said it looked like he tried to delete this, but she knew a way to go...

September 2, 2008  8:02 PM

Overheard: Sustainability Risk Management

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
enterprise risk management

danderson.jpg Greenhouse-gas emissions will be one of the critical business risks of the 21st century. Dan Anderson, as...

August 12, 2008  7:22 PM

Overheard: If it was every twelve minutes in 2006, what’s the lucky number now?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
honeypot, Mark Ward, Security, Technology

mark_ward1.jpg If every hour a burglar turned up at your house and rattled the locks on the doors and windows to see if he...

August 11, 2008  12:21 PM

Overheard: The great wall of…sheep

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Black hat, Brian Prince, Security, Technology, wall of sheep

defcon_logo.jpg A group of reporters from Global Security Mag were kicked out of the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas after...

July 24, 2008  2:06 PM

Overheard: Fixing DNS

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
DNS server, Security

dankaminsky.jpg If there’s one thing you do not want to be on fire, it’s your DNS server. Nothing makes a...

July 23, 2008  7:28 PM

Overheard: Linus Torvalds loves penguins, dislikes monkeys

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Linux, Security

linus-torvalds.jpg Security people are often the black-and-white kind of people that I can't stand. I think the OpenBSD...

July 23, 2008  2:43 PM

Overheard: Terry Childs finds one man he can trust

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

jail-cell.jpg "The first thing I want you to know, Mr. Mayor, is that when you walk out of this room, you will have the...

July 8, 2008  9:59 AM

Overheard: Hacking flash

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
flash memory, Security, Storage

brick3.jpg With normal memory and normal hard-disks, you can rewrite the contents trillions of times...

June 26, 2008  12:29 PM

Overheard: PGP is just an envelope

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Email, Encryption, PGP, Privacy, Security

phil_zimmerman.jpg Perhaps you think your E-mail is legitimate enough that encryption is...

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