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January 6, 2009  12:37 PM

Overheard – Twitter’s Black Monday

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
microblogging, Security, Social networking, Twitter

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December 23, 2008  3:00 PM

Overheard – Top 5 tech stories in Australia

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Bluetooth, IT careers, NAS, Security, software comparisons, Windows

In case you weren't one of the readers stampeding these stories, here's are the most popular tales from across TechTarget's five Australian sites in 2008: 1. SearchCIO readers could not get enough of this...

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December 17, 2008  1:02 AM

Overheard – Scareware is a $100 million scam

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Malware, scareware, Security, Spyware

warning1.gif A Baltimore federal court judge ordered six absent defendants yesterday - including one from Maryland - to shut...

December 16, 2008  6:12 PM

Overheard – Firefox wins No. 1 spot for critical vulnerabilities

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Bit9, Firefox, Security, Trojans

Bit9's come out with their list of 2008’s Popular Applications with Critical Vulnerabilities. Top of the list? Mozilla Firefox.  Is IE even on the list? Nope. This caught my attention because I'm just about to FedEx back my...

December 10, 2008  4:44 PM

Overheard – Key to cloud is an old-fashioned SLA

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Service Level Agreement, Technology

cloud_dollars-sm1.jpg "Cloud computing" is an apt name for a technology that is many things to many people. Although...

December 8, 2008  8:24 PM

Overheard: How does anomaly-based monitoring fit into tomorrow’s security picture?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
anomaly detection, Malware, network security, Technology

We knew that the volume of new attacks and the vectors used were only going to increase, so we chose to stay ahead of the curve with a...

November 18, 2008  1:24 AM

Overheard: No presidential technology in the White House?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

jeff_zeleny.jpg Sorry, Mr. President. Please surrender your BlackBerry. Jeff Zeleny,

November 12, 2008  8:39 PM

Overheard: We don’t need no stinkin’ credit card. Give us your e-mail address book.

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
corporate espionage, cybercrime, identity theft, Security, Technology

gunter_ollmann.jpg Elite cybergangs can no longer make great money stealing and selling personal identity data. Thousands...

November 12, 2008  2:38 AM

Overheard: Using fast flux for nefarious purposes

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
botnets, fast flux, load balancing, Security, Technology

skoudis3.gif Since the summer of 2007, there has been an explosion of large-scale fast-flux botnets. With this technique, bad...

November 12, 2008  2:24 AM

Overheard: Hardware level encryption and EPO

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Encryption, full disk encryption, Security, Technology

elinor_mills2.jpg A hot area for encryption right now is full disk encryption, in which every piece of data on a hard drive...

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