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February 25, 2008  1:26 PM

Video: The technology of spying

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Security, Video

 Retired AT&T technician Mark Klein explains why the NSA has to spy on everybody. [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/LDk6jxcSDlQ" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

February 25, 2008  1:55 AM

Overheard: IC3

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

The mission of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is "to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime."

The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and...

February 22, 2008  7:02 PM

Overheard: Vishing for dollars

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Security, VoIP

phishing_sm1.gif "Do we really need another fish-related buzzword? I'm beginning to wonder if the security community will...

February 21, 2008  5:03 PM

Overheard: Crowd-sourcing security with PhishTank and OpenDNS

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

david_ulevitch.jpg We proved the success of this model with PhishTank. People-powered security is absolutely the best...

February 18, 2008  2:25 PM

Overheard: Google says you’ll find web-based malware in 1% of all search results

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
drive-by download, Malware, Security, Technology, web-based malware


February 11, 2008  3:37 PM

Overheard: We’re locking you in for your own good — the world is a dangerous place.

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, Security, Technology, Vendors

bruce_schneier.jpg With enough lock-in, a company can protect its market share even as it reduces customer service, raises...

January 31, 2008  3:07 PM

Overheard: Security hide and seek — this rootkit modifies the master boot record (MBR)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
anti-virus, Security, Technology


January 29, 2008  12:24 PM

Overheard: Gov’t wants total access to Google search records

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Google, Internet, Privacy, Security, Technology

ryan-singel.jpg The nation's top spy, Michael McConnell, thinks the threat of cyberarmageddon is so great that the U.S....

January 28, 2008  4:17 PM

Overheard: Using government Trojans to catch terrorists

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Encryption, Security, Skype, Technology, Trojans

logo-skype.gif The German Pirate Party just published some internal documents that show how Bavarian crime fighters want to...

January 25, 2008  2:40 PM

Overheard: Phish tales — proof there is no honor among thieves

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Security, Technology


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