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September 2, 2008  1:23 PM

Overheard: Why P4P is doomed

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
P2P, P4P

ryan_paul.jpg Since the efficacy of the P4P protocol largely relies on the availability of network topology information,...

February 25, 2008  6:47 PM

Overheard: ISPs are not the Internet police

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Internet, P2P, Piracy

richard_wray.jpg The industry's trade body, the ISPA, has spent months in discussions with music and movie companies about...

December 4, 2007  6:34 AM

Overheard: Who’s been eating my bandwidth?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Bandwidth, Internet, P2P, Technology

p2p.gif The cynical side of me wonders whether the excessive buzz about P2P is intended to build public...

November 26, 2007  5:11 PM

Overheard: P2P content distributors are nothing more than freeloaders

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
P2P, Technology

mark-cuban.jpg As a consumer, I want my internet experience to be as fast as possible. The last thing...


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