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January 9, 2008  4:46 PM

Overheard: Wireless charging demo’d at CES

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Technology, Telecom, Wireless

cellphone.jpg Imagine walking into a room and your phone suddenly beeps with a green LED flashing at...

December 9, 2007  2:59 PM

Overheard: Attention – this is your captain speaking. You may now log on.

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Internet, Technology, WAP

henry-harteveldt.gif "I think 2008 is the year when we will finally start to see in-flight...

December 5, 2007  8:32 PM

Overheard: Imagine never having to go outside to get a good connection

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
femtocell, Repeaters, Technology, Telecom

wimax-femtocell.png "If they catch on, femtocells have the potential to save carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in...

December 4, 2007  6:34 AM

Overheard: Who’s been eating my bandwidth?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Bandwidth, Internet, P2P, Technology

p2p.gif The cynical side of me wonders whether the excessive buzz about P2P is intended to build public...

December 4, 2007  5:54 AM

Overheard: Who jumped on the Internet bandwagon first?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Internet, Technology

A list of the first 100 dot com domains is making the rounds. On March 15, 1985,  I turned thirty years old and Symbolics registered the first dot com domain. It's interesting to see which IT companies were quick to jump on the bandwagon. I don't see Microsoft in the list, but Apple is...

November 29, 2007  4:59 AM

Overheard: Cisco getting ready for IP video shift

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cisco, IP video, Systems integration, Technology

richard_sizemore.gif "If Cisco can manage and execute, they will drive new markets to feed...

November 26, 2007  6:09 PM

Overheard: Internet brown-out

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Infrastructure, Internet, Technology

grant_gross.jpg Consumer and corporate use of the Internet could overload the current capacity and lead to brown-outs in two...

November 26, 2007  5:59 PM

Overheard: Telecommuters please report to the office

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
AT&T, Technology, Telecom, Telecommuting

att_logo.JPG AT&T is in the process of reconciling the human resources policies of the legacy...

November 14, 2007  12:55 PM

Overheard: Your big brother’s name is Hancock

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
AT&T, Hancock, Privacy, Technology

ryan-singel.jpg "AT&T is currently defending itself in federal court from allegations that it installed, on behalf of the...

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