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Microsoft Windows

August 17, 2008  9:25 PM

Overheard: Sharepoint comes in two flavors

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Ken Stewart, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services, Windows Sharepoint Services

sharepoint.jpg Microsoft SharePoint 2007 comes in 2 flavors: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint...

July 21, 2008  7:17 PM

Overheard: Richard Stallman is alive and kicking

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Free Software Foundation, Microsoft

stallman.jpg Microsoft would have us believe that helping your neighbor is the moral equivalent of attacking a ship. Richard...

July 21, 2008  3:51 PM

Overheard: HP container datacenter to be vendor neutral

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
DataCenter, HP

hp_pod.jpg Customers don't want a container that only supports HP equipment. Customers want to be able to mimic their own data...

July 13, 2008  8:07 PM

Overheard: The future of NAND

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, flash memory, Memory, Technology

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July 13, 2008  1:11 PM

Overheard: Extend your brand to the desktop

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Adobe, desktop

kyle_claypool.jpg If your business has any kind of web presence, this could be a great tool for you. Why? Your customers...

July 10, 2008  11:44 PM

Overheard: Microsoft Hyper-V will bring the small guy to virtualization fold

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft, Virtualization

charles_king_pundit.jpg I believe that one real area of opportunity for Hyper-V is in bringing...

June 23, 2008  11:20 AM

Overheard: Microsoft gets a “D” in SOA

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft, Programming, SOA

block_with_letter_d.jpg Just what the world needs...yet another programming language. As...

June 19, 2008  7:38 PM

Overheard: It’s official — IBM Roadrunner is world’s fastest computer

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Hardware, IBM, processors, Supercomputers

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June 17, 2008  1:36 PM

Overheard: Is Firefox 3 really ready for prime time?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Firefox, Linux, Open source

firefox-3.jpg It's clearly come a long way, but with all the download hype, is Mozilla pushing out a...

June 6, 2008  1:02 PM

Overheard: Why Bill Gates is like Mr. Burns

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

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