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February 1, 2008  5:32 PM


Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Open source, Technology

GNU is a Unix-like operating system that comes with source code that can be copied, modified, and redistributed. The GNU project was started in 1983 by Richard Stallman and others, who formed the

February 1, 2008  4:31 PM

Suppliers to large enterprises will need to prove their green credentials with an audit

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Green computing, predictions

Those organizations with strong brands are helping to forge the first wave of green sourcing policies and initiatives. These policies go well beyond minimizing direct carbon emissions or requiring suppliers to comply with local environmental regulations. For example, Timberland has...

February 1, 2008  4:29 PM

75% will include full life cycle energy and CO2 footprint as mandatory criteria for new PCs

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Life cycle management, predictions, Technology

Most technology providers have little or no knowledge of the full life cycle energy and CO2 footprint of their products. Some technology providers have started the process of life cycle assessments, or at least were asking key suppliers about carbon and energy use in 2007 and will...

February 1, 2008  4:19 PM

Overheard: Gartner announces 10 future trends that IT professionals need to plan for

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
predictions, Technology

The predictions highlight areas where executives and IT professionals need to take action in 2008. The full impact of these trends may not appear this year, but executives need to act now so that they can exploit the trends for their competitive advantage.

February 1, 2008  4:18 PM

More than 1/3 of IT organizations will have environmental criteria on shopping list

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Green computing, predictions

Initially, the motivation will come from the wish to contain costs. Enterprise data centres are struggling to keep pace with the increasing power requirements of their infrastructures. And there is substantial potential to improve the environmental footprint, throughout the life...

February 1, 2008  3:39 PM

Video: AMD Virtual Experience

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/6FBvAsJjRu0" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

February 1, 2008  2:33 PM

Overheard: Your old computer may be in Guiya, China

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Green computing, Technology

junk.gif And though U.S. states increasingly require that electronics be sent to collection and recycling centers, even from those...

February 1, 2008  1:12 PM

Overheard: Amazon cloud services

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Amazon, Cloud computing, Technology

jack_schofield.jpg One of the Highlights in the [Q4] earnings statement picked up by the geek press was about Amazon's...

February 1, 2008  12:12 AM


Posted by: Margaret Rouse

WordPress is an open source publishing platform for bloggers. wordpress_sm.gif

February 1, 2008  12:10 AM


Posted by: Margaret Rouse

Ubuntu (pronounced oo-BOON-too) is an open source Debian-based Linux distribution. Sponsored by Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu is considered a good distribution for beginners.

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