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Cloud computing

November 25, 2008  12:34 AM

Overheard: Future of clouds remain hazy without standards

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, standards

benjamin_ellis.jpg It is clear that without standards of one kind or another (de-facto or from a recognised body), there...

November 5, 2008  8:33 PM

Overheard: Dell employees to take mandatory unpaid vacation

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Dell, layoffs, Technology

cubes-tim-the-it-guy.jpg Skimping on five days of payroll may temporarily give the company's bank account a fillip,...

October 23, 2008  2:43 PM

Overheard: Is putting your anti-virus app in the cloud really a good idea?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud AV, Cloud computing, Nathan McFeters, Security

nathan_mcfeters.jpg Here’s the thing with cloud computing -- it has awesome potential for good, but it’s really going...

October 21, 2008  11:43 AM

Overheard: Drizle will target MySQL users

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Database, Drizzle, MySQL, Technology

monty.jpg Drizzle will target the MySQL core users, the web users whose requirements have been ignored for years while the core...

October 1, 2008  12:06 PM

Overheard: Richard Stallman and cloud computing

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, GNU, Richard Stallman

richard_stallman.jpg One reason you should not use web applications to do your computing is that you lose control. It's...

September 30, 2008  6:40 PM

Overheard: Slap “cloud computing” on it and call it new

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing

The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already...

September 18, 2008  7:51 PM

Overheard – The new vocabulary of cloud computing – glossary

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, glossary, Technology

Have you ever wanted to make up a word? Now's the time. Just make sure it has something to do with a cloud. Play a little Rolling Stones and get those neurons firing (Hey, hey, hey, hey -- get off of my cloud) I just want to jot these down before I forget. Seems like every day I stumble across...

July 21, 2008  3:20 PM

Overheard: Positioning CherryPal as the first cloud computer

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Technology, thin client

chris_morrison.jpg That’s because the CherryPal, set to begin shipping at the end of this month, is a true cloud...

June 5, 2008  12:07 PM

Overheard: Cloud computing too big a risk for mission critical apps

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, risk management

paul-wallis.jpg The nature of Grid/Cloud computing means a business has to migrate its applications...

April 25, 2008  4:53 PM

Overheard: Microsoft Live Mesh is JBOF (just a bunch of feeds)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Live Mesh, Microsoft, Technology

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