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January 17, 2008  12:43 AM

What is IT? Keyboard for pirates

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
humor, What is IT?

pirate_keyboard.jpg I've seen this several places -- if anyone knows who I should credit, please let me know. Cute.

January 15, 2008  12:56 PM

Overheard: OpenNMS

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Open source

tarus_balog.jpg We’ve worked very hard to build the OpenNMS community over the last seven plus years. We’ve done it by...

January 12, 2008  3:20 PM

Overheard: Social media and the enterprise? Not yet

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
IT department, social media, Web 2.0

shel_israel.jpg The IT guy is someone my heart goes out to, because he’s got an extremely difficult job. People who he...

January 11, 2008  2:17 AM

Overheard: One security glitch per 1,000 lines of code

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Open source, Programming, Security

homeland_security_logo.jpg A US Department of Homeland Security bug-fixing scheme has...

January 9, 2008  1:35 AM

Overheard: John Jilly becomes Mozilla CEO – no plans to go public

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Firefox, Open source, Technology

john_lilly.jpg As in a relay race, the key to a successful enterprise is often the hand-off, a change in leadership at the...

December 1, 2007  2:26 PM

What is IT? Data center floor puller

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Technology, What is IT?

floor-puller.gif In many data centers, cold air runs parallel to the floor under raised tiles. Matt Stansberry explains more in

December 1, 2007  2:21 PM

What is IT? Watercooling motherboard

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Technology, What is IT?

msi-hydrogen3b.jpg MSI's new HydroGen waterblock will be offered as a limited edition on some of its...

November 20, 2007  10:46 AM

Overheard: Adobe Buzzword gets SaaS-y thumbs up

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Adobe, Buzzword, Microsoft Windows, SaaS, Web apps

michael_fitzgerald.jpg "Middle-aged men are supposed to blow money on cars and alimony, not rebuilding a relic...

November 19, 2007  8:20 PM

Overheard: Greg the Architect

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
ROI, SOA, Video

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/HHYZkpHn_pY" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

November 17, 2007  5:46 PM

Overheard: Bullet car chase has new meaning

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Asset management, Gps, Technology

projectile_courtesy_of_StarChase The Los Angeles Police Department and the Florida Highway...

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