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February 28, 2012  3:51 PM

Overheard talking about personal cloud storage

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, cloud storage, iCloud, IT consumerization

quotes and quotations "From an enterprise perspective,

March 4, 2009  12:43 PM

Overheard – Kindle is a platform, not a device

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Amazon, Apple, iPhone, Kindle, Safari

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January 7, 2009  4:46 PM

Overheard – Apple chucks DRM but you’re still tied to their hardware

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
AAC format, Apple, DRM, iTunes

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December 1, 2008  5:49 PM

Overheard – IBM takes a page from Apple when building Blue Business Platform

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, IBM

thomas_yung.jpg The model we tried to emulate in the project codenamed Blue Business Platform was to think just like the...

July 18, 2008  11:19 AM

Overheard: iPhone and the Enterprise

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, Enterprise, iPhone, Mobile, Technology

andrewgarcia.jpg The various iterations of the iPhone Configuration Utility could be successfully used in smaller,...

July 13, 2008  9:12 PM

Overheard: Using iTunes as a distributive educational network

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

jon_robinson.jpg Apple just launched

July 13, 2008  8:07 PM

Overheard: The future of NAND

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, flash memory, Memory, Technology

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July 3, 2008  12:31 PM

Overheard: Location awareness — is it finally here?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, Gps, Mobile, Telecom

gillin_photo.jpg GPS brings a whole new level of precision to the mobile experience. Cell phones have been required to be...

June 10, 2008  7:29 PM

Overheard: The iPhone — death by monthly payments

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, iPhone, Mobile, Technology, Telecom

steve-jobs-iphone.png We have had nearly 24 hours to jump out Steve Jobs’ reality distortion...

April 29, 2008  11:30 AM

Overheard: iPhone vs. Blackberry

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, mobile technology, RIM


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