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October 1, 2009  1:49 PM

Overheard – Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Malware, RAT, remote access tool, remote access Trojan, risk management, Security, Trojan horse
“In an even more sophisticated ploy, the Trojan altered the victim’s online banking page to change the amount of the transfer to a smaller number. In one transaction, the cybercriminals stole more than $8,000, but to the victim, it appeared like a $53 transaction.”

Angela Moscaritolo, URLZone touted as most sophisticated banking Trojan yet

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is RAT.  It’s a type of malware horse.

September 28, 2009  2:56 PM

Overheard – VoIPSA

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Security, Trojan, virus, VoIP
“Some computer viruses have a crude but scary ability to spy on people by logging every keystroke they type.  Now hackers and potentially law enforcement have another weapon: a virus that can eavesdrop on voice conversations that go over computers instead of a regular phone line.”

Jordan Robertson, Wiretapping Skype calls: virus eavesdrops on VoIP

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is VoIPSA.

September 25, 2009  2:18 PM

Overheard – Kaizen

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
kaizen, lean manufacturing, lean production, lean programming
“Western philosophy may be summarized as, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ The Kaizen philosophy is to ‘do it better, make it better, improve it even if it isn’t broken — because if we don’t, we can’t compete with those who do.”

Steve Hudgik, Introduction to Kaizen

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is kaizen.

September 24, 2009  2:15 PM

Overheard – Unified computing system

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cisco, Servers, unified computing system
“A unified computing system brings certain service benefits.  What it really comes down to is one throat to choke.”

Marc Staimer, Defining ‘unified computing systems’

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is unified computing system.

September 22, 2009  2:23 PM

Overheard – FISMA and ICE

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Compliance, FISMA, ICE, Security
“The new FISMA requirements call for government agencies and DoD contractors to comply with a set of prioritized controls that reflect their ability to detect and stop cyberattacks.”

Alexander B. Howard, ICE Act would restructure cybersecurity rule, create White House post

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is FISMA.

September 21, 2009  6:31 PM

Overheard – Security information management (SIM)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
security information management, SIM
“I thought I would find bad guys, but in the end I found good guys doing bad things.”

Denny Dean, SIEM: Not for small business, nor the faint of heart

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is security information management (SIM).

September 18, 2009  2:26 PM

Overheard – Augmented reality

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
augmented reality “Imagine if everything you pointed your phone at – from people to pets, shops to mountains – had its own ‘bubble’ of information. It sounds like science fiction, but augmented reality is already here.”

Anna Leach, Augmented reality: Even better than the real thing?

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is augmented reality.

September 17, 2009  12:51 PM

Overheard – Soft skills

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
group dynamics, interview skills, Soft skills
“Soft skills are usually identified by phrases such as ‘must be able to work well under pressure’ or ‘must work well in a team environment.’ While many applicants consider such statements to be nothing more than an indication of the work environment, it is in fact a statement of the soft skills being sought.”

Will Smith, Skills employers seek in job candidates

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is soft skills.

September 16, 2009  2:45 PM

Overheard – Application security

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
application security
Those who are new to application security may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of assessment options, each with its own aficionados touting the merits of their favorite assessment type.

Rohit Sethi and Nish Bhalla, Vulnerability test methods for application security assessments

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is application security.

September 15, 2009  6:36 PM

Overheard – Standardizing mobile device management

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
client provisioning protocol, mobile device management, OMA-CP
“In the world of mobile device management, standards are relatively new, just like the technology…The first wave of real standardization was from the Open Mobile Alliance in the form of OMA-CP, Client Provisioning protocol.”

Jason Lackaye, Standards: Conformity at Any Cost?

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is mobile device management.

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