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March 29, 2010  2:31 PM

Overheard talking about ransomware

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Malware, ransomware, Security, web-based malware
“Turning hijacked computers into cash is still hard work for most computer criminals.  They’ve got to trick the infected PC into sending spam, then trick a recipient into buying a useless product — or they have to steal online banking passwords, log onto a victim’s account, bypass the bank’s money transfer fraud controls and so on. It’s much easier to just demand cash directly from infected users — a crime that’s the Internet’s equivalent of kidnapping.”

Bob Sullivan, Give me your money, or your computer gets it

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is ransomware.

March 19, 2010  2:47 PM

Overheard talking about meaningful use

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
electronic health records, government funding, grants, health IT, meaninful use
Meaningful use is more than just the incentives or even the information technology… meaningful use is all about how you’re practicing medicine.

Joseph Fortuna, Providers consider how to overcome EHR meaningful use obstacles

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is meaningful use.

March 18, 2010  2:44 PM

Overheard talking about pocket printers

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Bluetooth, digital camera, PictBridge, pocket printer
Remember the days when you would ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture?’ Dell has introduced a new player in the inkless printer world, a pocket printer called the Dell Wasabi.  Any device with PictBridge capability can be used to print out full color prints.

Sarah Meyer, Dell Wasabi review

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is PictBridge.

March 12, 2010  3:40 PM

Overheard talking about the Zeus banking Trojan

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
banking, financial security, Malware, Trojan horse, Zeus
Zeus is the biggest banking Trojan out there. It’s the nastiest, most sophisticated Trojan I’ve ever seen. It’s a money-stealing machine.

Laura Mather, Zeus Trojan hitting banking customers hard

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is Zeus Trojan toolkit.

March 11, 2010  9:00 PM

Overheard talking about machine-to-machine connections

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
For every single human being punching phone numbers or surfing the net on the T-Mobile network, there could be four machines chirping away quietly, embedded in utility meters, cars, freight containers, medical equipment, wristwatches and even the oversized flashlights carried by cops.

Kevin Fitchard, T-Mobile: M2M connections to outnumber humans 4-to-1

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is machine-to-machine (M2M).

March 10, 2010  1:26 PM

Overheard talking about full disk encryption

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
desktop management, hard drive encryption, Security
In my opinion, it is not necessary to encrypt workstation hard drives, so long as your organization is not subject to any regulations requiring such encryption, no data is deliberately stored on the workstation hard drives and the organization has adequate physical security.

Brian Posey, Workstation hard drive encryption: Overdue or overkill?

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is full disk encryption.

March 8, 2010  4:27 PM

Overheard talking about business rules engines

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
business rules, rules engine, SOA
The idea is to keep all the business rules in one repository, written in a way that business users can quickly grasp and edit as needs change. In this way, business rules act as a coordinating force between process models and data models.

Rob Barry, Try incremental design for business rules systems

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is business rules engine.

March 5, 2010  1:46 PM

Overheard talking about Blue Gene

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Blue Gene, Data Center, IBM, innovation, supercomputer
“The Blue Gene supercomputers are an outstanding example of our investment in nuclear security providing the tools to tackle broader national challenges. This machine, which was originally developed to ensure the safety and reliability of our nuclear stockpile without testing, has led to amazing advances in science and discovery.”

NNSA Administrator Thomas D’Agostino, Blue Gene Named Medal of Technology and Innovation Award Winner

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is Blue Gene.

From IBM:

President Obama recognized IBM and its Blue Gene family of supercomputers with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the country’s most prestigious award given to leading innovators for technological achievement…

…Blue Gene systems have helped map the human genome, investigated medical therapies, safeguarded nuclear arsenals, simulated radioactive decay, replicated brain power, flown airplanes, pinpointed tumors, predicted climate trends, and identified fossil fuels – all without the time and money that would have been required to physically complete these tasks.

March 5, 2010  1:07 PM

Overheard talking about security in the cloud

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Security
“Stop saying cloud, because that doesn’t help. Talk about what you really want. From there, the security needs can be work out.”

Archie Reed, RSA: Cutting Through the Cloud Security Talk

I love this man. He is soooooo right.

March 4, 2010  12:51 PM

Overheard talking about data breaches

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
continuous data protection, data breach, Security
“The attacks to steal credit cards are significant, but the real threat is to intellectual property.”

David Burg, Companies urged to share data breach information

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is data breach.

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