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November 1, 2017  10:13 PM

spear phishing

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Spear phishing is an email-spoofing attack that targets a specific organization or individual, seeking unauthorized access to sensitive information. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Spear phishing is another core problem for corporations. Cybercriminals use targeted spear phishing of corporations’ emails as one of their most common attack vectors.” – Ben Cole

Learning Center
The art of the cyber warranty and guaranteeing protection
Jeremiah Grossman of SentinelOne talks with SearchSecurity about what it takes to develop a cyber warranty for threat detection products.

Whaling attacks: Taking phishing attacks to the next level
Whaling attacks are becoming more common. Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis explains how to mitigate this targeted phishing attack.

Educate users to avert email phishing attacks
As email phishing attacks grow in complexity, they lure unsuspecting users to danger. Admins must communicate threats to improve IT security.

Email attacks that threaten networks and flood inboxes
It might not be as hard as you think to identify a phishing attack. Here are the signs of a phishing attack.

For CIOs, email data security should still be a top priority
In this Q&A, the former U.S. Customs and Border Protection CIO discusses why email data security remains a major threat to U.S. cybersecurity.

Trending Terms
Trojan horse
social engineering
email spoofing

Writing for Business
The phishing email warned that unless I updated my contact information, my eBay account would be _________.
a. canceled
b. cancelled

October 31, 2017  5:46 PM

ghost imaging

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Ghost imaging, often called cloning, is a software-driven data backup process that copies the contents of a computer hard disk in a single compressed file or set of files, referred to as an image. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“There are two general methods that work well in ghost image creation. One option is to use the Sysprep utility included with Windows. Another option is to use a third-party product such as Acronis True Image.” – Brien Posey

Learning Center
What are ghost imaging software benefits and drawbacks?
Ghost imaging software enables organizations to build a library of images and quickly bring up a new unit, but the technology has its downsides.

What are some ghost image creation issues?
Ghost image creation can be a quick and efficient method of data backup, but what qualifies as ghost imaging and how it is done may not be clear-cut.

Using imaging tools to restore domain controllers, avoid problems
Tools like Symantec Ghost can capture domain controller images. But rolling back to an AD state and restoring domain controllers is a complex process. Here’s how to avoid mishaps.

What is the difference between a storage snapshot and a clone?
Analyst Greg Schulz explains how a clone can be created from a storage snapshot, how each is implemented, and what types of environments they are best suited for.

Choosing the right data snapshot approach
Independent backup expert Brien Posey compares the various methods for creating a data snapshot in this Expert Answer.

Trending Terms
high-performance computing
disaster recovery
disk cloning

Writing for Business
The point of disaster recovery is the same for both large enterprises and _________ need to stay in business.
a. SMBs: They
b. SMBs; they

October 30, 2017  2:13 PM

skill-based routing (SBR)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Skill-based routing (SBR) is a component of automatic call distributor (ACD) systems that filters and directs incoming inquiries to call center agents with the most applicable skill sets. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“It is both more efficient and more effective to send billing inquiry calls to agents who have the best skills and training to provide accurate answers related to billing.” – Scott Sachs

Learning Center
Nine skills every call center agent job requires
From problem-solving to flexibility, here are the top nine skills call center agent job candidates should possess.

Call routing practices focused on customer journey
Demographic-based call routing can potentially give customers specific help based on their unique attributes and improve the customer journey in a contact center environment.

Five contact center automation tools you should know about
Self-service, skill-based routing and knowledge management software are just a few examples of contact center automation tools benefiting agents.

With Amazon Connect, AWS puts experience to work in contact center space
Amazon Connect hopes its cloud-based, pay per minute strategy earns a chunk of the nearly $10 billion contact center market.

Should you use demographics in contact center agent routing?
Contact center agents can become more effective on customer service calls if companies enlist demographic-based routing.

Trending Terms
automatic call distributor
call center
average handle time
contact center software
call center agent

Writing for Business
The question on everyone’s _____ is how to improve customer experience and cut costs at the same time.
a. minds
b. mind

October 27, 2017  5:35 PM

lead scoring

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

In the B2B industry, lead scoring is a ranking system used by sales and marketing departments to quantify the likelihood that a potential customer will make a purchase. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Adding artificial intelligence to lead scoring can help companies increase sales by better prioritizing customers and aligning sales messaging and resources with clients.” – George Lawton

Learning Center
Where AI meets sales: The benefits of predictive lead scoring
Predictive lead scoring can help companies better prioritize customers, align messaging and determine ways to guide a sales strategy.

Predictive lead scoring among new Sales Cloud features
Predictive lead scoring in Salesforce Einstein will mine customers’ web history and interactions to continuously determine their engagement level.

AI integration with CRM tools boosts lead scoring processes
As AI technologies continue to build steam, AI integrations with CRM platforms are helping sales teams reap the benefits with predictive lead scoring.

Lead-scoring models to generate better sales information
Lead-scoring models help sales comb through data to generate better, more qualified and more mature leads.

If you need to close more deals, consider predictive lead scoring
With predictive lead scoring, companies can make sales cycles more productive and identify the most promising prospects, converting them into customers in less time.

Trending Terms
marketing automation
inbound marketing
clickthrough rate
sales cycle
demand gen

Writing for BusinessNeither the CEO nor the CIO _____ contributing to their company’s B2B blog.
a. is
b. are

October 26, 2017  5:41 PM

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Amazon, AWS

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a pay-per-use web service for storing messages in transit between computers. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“SQS can also provide first-in, first-out queues, which allow developers to guarantee that messages process in the exact order they are sent — and process exactly one time.” – Chris Moyer

Learning Center
Work Lambda into Amazon SQS queues to prevent backlogs
Optimize Amazon SQS queues with FIFO processing, Lambda and CloudWatch to boost developer appeal and meet microservices demands.

Find an AWS messaging service to fit your needs
AWS messaging services meet different enterprise needs. Choose carefully between Amazon SQS and SNS to ensure you’re using the right system for the job.

When and how to use a FIFO queue in SQS
Using a FIFO queue in Amazon SQS processes items in an orderly way. But use it with the wrong workload and scalability issues will create disorder.

Using Amazon SQS for scalable applications
Amazon SQS, or Simple Queue Service, is a managed, on-demand message queuing tool. It has a few benefits over other queuing systems such as Apache ActiveMQ, Rabbitmq and Redis.

SQS queue workarounds for AWS Lambda functions
AWS Lambda was not designed to integrate with messages from an SQS queue. But Developers figured out several alternatives, such as polling the queue, to achieve a similar result.

Trending Terms
message queueing
Amazon SimpleDB
fault tolerant
Amazon RDS
Amazon EC2

Writing for Business
We use Amazon S3 to ________ local storage.
a. complement
b. supplement

October 25, 2017  6:57 PM

clinical trial

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
health IT tools

A clinical trial, also known as a clinical research study, is a protocol for evaluating the effects of experimental medical or behavioral interventions on health outcomes. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Pharmacovigilance software analytics systems have become increasingly important in light of tighter regulation of the life sciences industry — and incidents such as a recent French clinical trial in which a person died and five were hospitalized.” – Shaun Sutner

Learning Center
Remote patient monitoring changes clinical trials
Clinical research organizations running drug trials can cut their budgets and collect more data by deploying remote patient monitoring technology.

Clinical trials, collaboration drive life sciences opportunities
The life sciences market is growing, with clinical trials information management being a key driver. But the market contains some cultural challenges for solution providers.

Pharmacovigilance software helps detect lethal drug trial errors
Using pharmacovigilance software systems, pharma companies and healthcare providers can better prevent lethal medication-related errors, expert says.

Ongoing clinical studies show new value for patient social networks
Will proactive participants in patient social networks lead clinical trials? See how two studies point pave the way for future possibilities.

EHR adoption may not support clinical studies as proponents hope
Proponents of EHR adoption often talk about how the technology will support clinical trials by making it easier to recruit patients and get them signed up for appropriate studies.

Trending Terms
data anonymization
personally identifiable information
clinical documentation
clinical decision support system
remote patient monitoring

Writing for Business
The FDA reclassified sutures as Class II medical devices in the early ______.
a. 1990’s
b. 1990s

October 24, 2017  6:50 PM

Hyper-V Manager

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Microsoft Hyper-V Manager is an administrative tool to create, change and delete virtual machines (VMs). An administrator can manage a local Hyper-V host and a limited number of remote hosts from a single Hyper-V Manager tool. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Microsoft has made significant improvements to the Hyper-V Manager, even though these improvements exist mostly behind the scenes.” – Brien Posey

Learning Center
Create Hyper-V VMs with PowerShell, SCVMM or Hyper-V Manager
You can use Hyper-V Manager, SCVMM or PowerShell to create Hyper-V VMs, but there are important considerations for using one method over another.

Check the system hardware for Hyper-V requirements
Use the Systeminfo.exe and Coreinfo.exe tools to see if your hardware components meet the Hyper-V requirements for the product and its features.

Use a performance counter to detect Hyper-V bottlenecks
Find the root cause of Hyper-V bottlenecks by using the specific performance counter for each resource: network, storage, CPU and memory.

Hyper-V 2016 features support shared storage alternatives
Hyper-V 2016 provides organizations with many storage options, including file-based and block-based storage, to achieve workload availability.

Top 10 Microsoft Hyper-V tools to consider
The HV remote tool boils down remote management for Microsoft Hyper-V into just a few commands. It can’t get much simpler than that and that makes it part of our top Hyper-V tool list.

Trending Terms
virtual machine
Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Client Hyper-V
parent partition

Quiz Yourself
This type of partition is the first one created and starts the hypervisor.
a. What is a root partition?
b. What is a parent partition?

October 23, 2017  4:51 PM

passive reconnaissance

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Passive reconnaissance is an attempt to gain information about targeted computers and networks without actively engaging with the system. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The more information a security administrator has about a cloud platform, the better the organization can protect and monitor it. There are many ways to gather this information, both passively, through cloud reconnaissance, and actively, through cloud enumeration.” – Frank Siemons

Learning Center
Why cloud reconnaissance is crucial to a secure cloud environment
Cloud reconnaissance and enumeration are important aspects of securing an enterprise cloud environment. Here’s a look at why, and how to accomplish it.

Understanding footprinting as a predecessor to cyberattacks
Footprinting is an early step in cyberattacks, so enterprises should have a solid understanding of what exactly it is. Expert Ernie Hayden explains the process.

How to use threat intelligence metrics to attain relevant data
Determining the right threat intelligence metrics for your organization is a crucial step for improving security. Here’s how to get threat metrics right.

What are the best anti-network reconnaissance tools for Linux systems?
Network reconnaissance attackers on Linux and Ubuntu can be prevented with several different tools and methods. Find out the best ones for the job.

Network lateral movement from an attacker’s perspective
The network lateral movement process from an attacker’s point of view and a security researcher details what security professionals should watch out for.

Trending Terms
active reconnaissance
war driving
ethical hacker
passive attack
intrusion prevention
vulnerability analysis

Quiz Yourself
These are also known as ethical hackers and strive to operate in the public’s best interest, rather than to create turmoil.
a. What are black hat hackers?
b. What are white hat hackers?

October 20, 2017  4:46 PM

cloud storage

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Cloud Computing, SaaS

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet). Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Public cloud storage providers help organizations offload their physical hardware and associated costs, including power, cooling and server maintenance.” – Matthew Pascucci

Learning Center
IT reveals keys to Box user adoption
IT departments adopting Box share their secrets to getting user and business buy-in. Pushing the productivity benefits is crucial to see widespread Box user adoption.

Public cloud storage market advances around big data, SSDs
The public cloud storage market has come a long way, with major improvements to both cost and performance. Here’s what the future might have in store.

Choose and manage a public cloud storage service successfully
Choosing a public cloud storage service can be a confusing process. Review the market options, and implement these storage management and optimization tips.

Take the sting out of switching cloud data storage providers
Before you decide to switch cloud data storage providers and start the data migration process, qualify providers and choose a migration approach.

Optimize a hybrid cloud platform with storage as a service
Inefficient data management causes a hybrid cloud platform to experience latency and performance issues. A SaaS system can help things run more smoothly.

Trending Terms
cloud backup
cloud storage providers
public cloud
private cloud
hybrid cloud
Storage as a Service

Quiz Yourself
In this type of hybrid cloud deployment, an organization only pays for extra compute resources when they are needed.
a. What is cloud bursting?
b. What is cloud insurance?

October 19, 2017  6:02 PM

going dark

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Going dark is military lingo for the sudden termination of communication. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“In an attempt to rebrand the debate around ‘going dark,’ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein urged tech companies to deploy what he called ‘responsible encryption.'” – Peter Loshin

Learning Center
‘Going dark’: Weighing the public safety costs of end-to-end encryption
Encryption has become a prevalent tool for protecting data. But according to the intelligence community, it’s also become key for terrorists and criminals to ‘go dark.’

DOJ’s ‘responsible encryption’ is the new ‘going dark’
‘Responsible encryption’ will replace ‘going dark’ for DOJ. Plus, more banking breaches and vulnerabilities, and Accenture data was exposed in AWS S3 buckets.

Congress considers ‘going dark’ encryption legislation
Roundup: Congress weighs ‘going dark’ options for encryption legislation, as Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr solicit comments on their draft bill.

Going dark: FBI continues effort to bypass encryption
The FBI’s effort to bypass encryption has led security experts and tech companies, such as Apple, to fight back in the ‘going-dark’ debate.

Risk & Repeat: Strong encryption under fire again
This Risk & Repeat podcast examines new government criticism of strong encryption and what it means for the encryption debate.

Trending Terms
National Security Agency
strong cryptography
end-to-end encryption
deep Web

Quiz Yourself
The origin of this is usually dated from about 2000 BC, with the Egyptian practice of hieroglyphics.
a. What is cryptography?
b. What is a pyramid brokerage?

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