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April 14, 2014  6:02 PM

Word of the Day: Click-to-Run

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WhatIs.com Word of the Day

Microsoft Click-to-Run is a way to quickly install Microsoft products, including versions of Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 365.

Quote of the Day

“Click-to-run has been around since Office 2010, but in Office 2013 it really comes of age.” — Paul Thurrott

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Office 2013
Office 365

Quiz Yourself

What is a virtual floppy disk?
a. a disk image stored as a file on a hard drive.
b. a 3.5 inch high-density diskette in a plastic case.

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April 11, 2014  8:11 PM

Word of the Day: two pizza rule

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

Word of the Day

The two pizza rule is a guideline for limiting the number of attendees at a meeting.According to the rule, a meeting should never have so many attendees that they could not all be fed with two pizzas. Generally, this limits the number of attendees at a meeting to less than eight.

Quote of the Day
“The ideal size of a meeting is two people. If your meeting has more than eight people it is no longer a meeting, it is a concert.” — Auren Hoffman

Quiz Yourself

What type of server is enclosed in a wide, flat rectangular chassis?
a. pizza box server
b. lasagna server

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daily standup
pigs and chickens

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How to collaborate, conduct meetings virtually
Learn how to conduct meetings virtually if you have a distributed workforce or outsource your operations.

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February 26, 2014  4:01 PM

Amazon Kinesis

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

Word of the Day

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is Amazon Kinesis, an Amazon Web Service (AWS) for processing big data in real time.

Quote of the Day

“Kinesis will simplify the process of writing apps that act on real-time data — for instance, website click streams, financial transactions, operating logs, social media feeds and metering data.”Anne Stuart

Related Terms

Amazon Web Services
big data
Amazon RedShift
Amazon Dynamo Database
Amazon Simple Storage Service

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WS takes on real-time processing with Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis was launched at the 2013 AWS re:Invent conference. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Amazon Kinesis: When to use Amazon’s new big-data processing service
In this expert answer, contributor Chris Moyer offers advice for organizations interested in using Amazon Kinesis for near-real-time processing of streaming big data.

FAQ: Amazon cloud offerings provide value, variety — and complexity
SearchCloudApplications associate editor Caroline de Lacvivier answers frequently asked questions about Amazon cloud offerings available from Amazon Web Services.

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February 24, 2014  2:59 PM


Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

Word of the Day

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is WebRTC, an open source project that seeks to embed real-time voice, text and video communications capabilities in Web browsers. With WebRTC, end-users do not have to download a special software application or use the same client to communicate directly with each other. WebRTC is expected to make video communication more user-friendly.

Quote of the Day



“One of the most promising WebRTC applications is to allow customers, partners and remote employees use a Web browser to connect to corporate communications servers.” — Irwin Lazar


Related Terms

real-time communications
Google Hangouts
unified communications

Related Tags

Business Video Conferencing
Collaboration Apps for UC

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What WebRTC applications will and won’t do for enterprises
UC analysts and vendors discuss what emerging WebRTC applications will offer enterprises.

WebRTC primer: Using Web browsers for calls and video conferencing
Learn how WebRTC to use a Web browser to talk, text, chat or video conference without downloading any software, clients or plug-ins.

A guide to WebRTC
Real-time communications will help end users speak with ease over the internet. Simon Bisson takes a look at how the systems work.

December 9, 2013  5:06 PM

Word of the Day: JAQL

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“Jaql’s query language was inspired by many programming and query languages, including Lisp, SQL, XQuery, and Pig.”Matous Havlena

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is JAQL, a query language for the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data interchange format. Pronounced “jackal,” JAQL is a functional, declarative programming language designed especially for working with large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. JSON has found wide use in Web and mobile applications, including large-scale big data and enterprise data warehouse applications. Continued…

Related Terms

big data analytics

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Quiz Yourself

What do you call a a billion terabytes?
b. billabyte
a. yottabyte
c. zettabyte

December 6, 2013  12:49 PM

Word of the Day: CISO

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“Back when I first got into information security, it was about building a firewall and installing anti-malware. Now, it’s a broader risk management environment.”David J. Sherry

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is CISO (chief information security officer), a senior-level executive responsible for aligning security initiatives with enterprise programs and business objectives, ensuring that information assets and technologies are adequately protected. The CISO’s responsibilities have shifted over the years from general security to identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining security-related processes that reduce the organization’s operational risks. Continued…

Know IT All

operational risk
risk appetite
identity access management system
clean desk policy
security policy
end user policy

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December 5, 2013  1:27 PM

Word of the Day: intrapreneur

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse


“Innovation — ideas — are like sparks, and it is very easy to extinguish them. There are a lot of people who can say ‘No’ and stomp them out. That’s a dangerous thing, so we put structures in place with the goal of encouraging those sparks, fanning the sparks.”Tom Leighton

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day in intrapreneur, an employee who is given the authority and support to create a new product without having to be concerned about whether or not the product will actually become a source of revenue for the company. Unlike an entrepreneur, who faces personal risk when a product fails to produce revenue, an intrepreneur will continue to receive a salary even if the product fails to make it to production. Continued…

Related Terms
social entrepreneur
continuous improvement (kaizen)
Amazon Prime Air drone
3-D printing
social coding

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November 27, 2013  4:28 PM

Word of the Day: patent troll

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“The killer horror about software patents and their even vaguer cousins, business method patents, is that there are so many of them out there. So many of them are so stupidly broad that any software you write will almost certainly violate someone’s patent.” — Robin Miller

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is patent troll, an individual or an organization that purchases and holds patents for unscrupulous purposes such as stifling competition or launching patent infringement suits.

Patents frequently describe a general concept rather than a product or process; furthermore, the patent may not define what it protects in adequately precise terms. Both of those situations render the patent system vulnerable to abuse. In 2011, for example, a patent assertion entity called Innovatio threatened to sue 8,000 hotels, stores and coffee shops in the United States, claiming that the use of Wi-Fi infringed upon 17 of its patents. Continued…

Related terms:

intellectual property
competitive advantage
competitive intelligence
full and open competition

Quiz Yourself

What is data sovereignty?
a. the concept that digital data is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located.
b. the management and oversight of an organization’s data assets.

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November 22, 2013  3:52 PM

Word of the Day: CRUSH

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse


“CRUSH is an algorithm that can calculate the physical location of data in Ceph, given the object name, cluster map and CRUSH rules as input.”Dmitry Ukov

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is CRUSH (Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing), a hash-based algorithm for calculating how and where to store and retrieve data in a distributed object–based storage cluster. Continued…

Related Terms

distributed file system
clustered storage
object storage

Quiz Yourself

Which is the smallest unit of data in a computer?
a. bit
b. byte

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Open source distributed file system (DFS) solutions go beyond Windows
Learn about free open source distributed file system (DFS) solutions that fall outside the Microsoft Windows Server OS, such as Ceph, GlusterFS and MooseFS.

Inktank supports new enterprise release of open source Ceph storage
Inktank releases new subscription-based enterprise version of open source Ceph storage software, featuring graphical management tools and enhanced support services.

Parsing through the software-defined storage hype
For nearly a decade, the Ceph open source project has been developing software that allows anyone to build massively-scalable unified storage with commodity hardware.

November 21, 2013  2:27 PM

Word of the Day: MiFi

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

“The Mi-Fi is just one example of a 3G/Wi-Fi pocket router – some others include the CradlePoint ClearSpot and the Sierra Wireless Overdrive.” — Lisa Phifer

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is MiFi, a portable broadband device that allows multiple end users and mobile devices to share a 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet connection and create an ad-hoc network. Although MiFis are manufactured by Novatel, the name is often used as a generic label for any device capable of becoming a personal hotspot or pocket router. Continued…

Related Terms

hot spot
wireless router
ad-hoc network
personal area network

Quiz Yourself
You have traveled back in time to the year 2002, only to discover that everyone is talking about warchalking. What the heck was warchalking?
a. a grass roots effort to create a standard iconography for public Wi-Fi access.
b. a grass roots effort to map politically motivated malware attacks.

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