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November 17, 2007  1:43 PM

Overheard: Open source inspires strange bedfellows

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Dell, Open source, Servers, Solaris, Sun, Technology
matt-assay.jpg “If you want proof that open source is turning the world on its head, look no further than this announcement that Dell will be distributing Solaris on select Dell PowerEdge servers.”

Matt Asay, The gods must be crazy: Dell and Sun link up

November 17, 2007  1:23 PM

Overheard: What’s inside IBM’s Blue Cloud

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Google, Hadoop, IBM, MapReduce
erick-schonfeld.jpg “Blue Cloud is based on an open-source project called Hadoop that manages computing resources across large clusters of computers. Hadoop includes an open-source version of MapReduce, the same software Google uses to efficiently distribute its computing chores across its servers around the world.”

Erick Schonfeld, IBM’s Blue Cloud is Web Computing By Another Name

November 17, 2007  1:37 AM

Overheard: Moore’s law

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Moore's law, Technology
gordon_moore.jpg “I’m through with making predictions. Get it right once and quit.”

Gordon Moore, BBC News interview 

I caught this interview last week on TV. The best part was hearing Dr. Moore complain about how slow his computer was.

November 17, 2007  1:36 AM

Overheard: Rackspace chiller must have given him nightmares

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
chiller, Cooling, Data Center, Hosted services, Technology
lanham_napier.gif Since the recent Dallas/Fort Worth data center downtime event, we have been doing a lot of communicating with our customers.

Lanham Napier, CEO The Cause, The Response and The Timeline

Without notifying us the utility providers cut power, and at that exact moment we were 15 minutes into cycling up the data center’s chillers. Our back up generators kicked in instantaneously, but the transfer to backup power triggered the chillers to stop cycling and then to begin cycling back up again—a process that would take on average 30 minutes. Those additional 30 minutes without chillers meant temperatures would rise to levels that could irreparably damage customers’ servers and devices. We made the decision to gradually pull servers offline before that would happen. And I know we made the right decision, even if it was a hard one to make.

A chiller is a cooling system that removes heat from one element and deposits into another element. For instance it could remove heat from water and disperse it into the air. A chiller is also a very scary story that can give you nightmares and keep you up at night.

 Rackspace delivers enterprise-class web infrastructure and managed hosting services. They have six data centers and manage more than 22,000 servers.

November 17, 2007  1:27 AM

Quiz: Overheard in the blogosphere (November 16, 2007)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
quiz, Technology
DIRECTIONS: These are real statements from real people discussing real technology. We’ve removed one word from each quote. Can you still figure out what they’re talking about? Click on the link to see if you’re right!

1. Google’s announcement of the new __________ smartphone platform had less substance than a fashion show at a nudist colony.  What is Mitch Wagner talking about?

2. Well, this is one of the great blessings of the modern age, being always __________. Or maybe it’s not. I’m not sure. What is Rudy Guilani talking about?

3. If iRobot had made a 4-foot-tall __________ with a face and a hand to hold a vacuum hose, the company wouldn’t have sold more than ten units. What is Lance Ulanoff talking about?

4. __________ is currently defending itself in federal court from allegations that it installed, on behalf of the National Security Agency, secret internet spying rooms in its domestic internet switching facilities. What is Ryan Singel talking about?

5. This morning I received a message from TechTarget telling me that SearchWebServices.com is renaming itself to Search_________.com. What is Frank Cohen talking about?

6. Netscape abandoning the _______ news model could be looked at as 1) the first signs of the format’s demise, or more likely 2) a return to less risk-taking at AOL as it struggles to define itself under new management. What is Adario Strange talking about?

7. Among a fringe community of paranoids, __________ serve as the protective measure of choice against invasive radio signals. What is Ali Rahimi talking about?

8. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, the next 5 years will hold more change for the __________ industry than the previous 50 did. What is the IBM report talking about?

9. Vilfredo Pareto was an economist who is widely credited for coming up with the Pareto Principle, more commonly known as the __________ rule. What are we talking about?

10. Police will be able to use a __________ system to disable a criminal’s vehicle, just like the tripods used in Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. What is Margaret Rouse talking about?

November 16, 2007  12:48 PM

Overheard: ERP software is a serious relationship

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
ERP, Technology
rebecca-gill.jpg “For almost twenty years we have had people ask for demonstration copies of our ERP software, so they may play with it at their leisure. For years we have said no and we’ve done so with good reason. An ERP package is an advanced system. It isn’t Microsoft Office and it isn’t an iPhone. You can’t simply turn it on and expect it to run without training.”

Rebecca Gill, Why Doesn’t This ERP System Work?

November 16, 2007  1:58 AM

Overheard: Steampunk gets some mainstream press

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
steampunk, Technology
steampunk.jpg “And while I hesitated to tear open a $300 monitor that was still under warranty, art must be served.”

Jake von Slatt, Steampunk Monitor Mod

Both Newsweek and the New York Times covered steampunk this week. What is steampunk? It’s a genre of art where the artist takes something modern and alters it so it looks like it came from the Victorian Age.  Jake von Slatt is the master craftsman for steampunk. 

November 15, 2007  12:06 AM

Overheard: Tech support in the middle ages

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Technology, Video Adapter

In a recent interview with BBC news, Gordon Moore said “Forty years ago, computers were in glass rooms tended to by a core of monks that knew how to do the proper incantations.”

For your entertainment, the proper incantations:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/qMPcsDQPAHo" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

November 14, 2007  9:38 PM

Overheard: Application developers are voting SOA with their feet

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
SOA, Technology, Web services
frank_cohen.jpg “This morning I received a message from TechTarget telling me that SearchWebServices.com is renaming itself to SearchSOA.com. According to TechTarget the move is in line with a shift of attitudes and efforts within the application development community. As I’ve written many times, SOA is not Web Services. This move is a signal that application developers are voting with their feet. I wish TechTarget well.”

Frank Cohen, SOA and Web Services In The Development Community

November 14, 2007  9:13 PM

Overheard: Social news model not for everyone

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Browsers, Social networking, Technology, Web 2.0
1.jpg “Netscape abandoning the social news model could be looked at as 1) the first signs of the format’s demise, or more likely 2) a return to less risk-taking at AOL as it struggles to define itself under new management.”

Adario Strange, Netscape Ends Digg-Clone Social News Experiment

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