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September, 2008

September 30, 2008  6:40 PM

Overheard: Slap “cloud computing” on it and call it new

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing

The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already...

September 30, 2008  1:12 PM

Overheard: Google Chrome and the principle of least privilege

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Google Chrome, Malware, Programming

g_andrew_duthie.jpg The most important reason for limiting the security privileges your code requires to run is to reduce...

September 29, 2008  12:14 PM

Overheard: Calculating ROI in B2B advertising

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
advertising, B2B, Technology

paul_dunay.jpeg As short as a few years ago, B2B marketers were limited to search and targeted email marketing. Now you have...

September 26, 2008  12:36 PM

Overheard: Piracy + spam + malware = net pollution

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Malware, Piracy, Spam, Technology

nate_anderson.jpg Have you heard of "net pollution"? If not, you soon will, because it's a term being pushed by Arts+Labs,...

September 25, 2008  12:48 PM

Overheard: What to do if your clipboard has been hijacked

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
anti-virus, clipboard, Malware, Spyware, Technology, Trojan

"The problem with malware being served through advertisements is starting to become a serious one, with attackers seeming to enjoy it more and more because websites are not rushing to take steps to prevent it." Lucian Constantin,

September 24, 2008  10:02 PM

Overheard: How redirects can kill your site’s traffic

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
redirects, SEO, Technology

serge-thibodeau.jpg Previously, www.business.com, an online resource that has been very popular for many years and that...

September 22, 2008  2:58 PM

Overheard: GPON and Active Ethernet are complementary technologies

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Active Ethernet, fiber to the curb, FTTH, GPON, PON, Technology

russell-david97.gif PON (Passive Optical Network) and Active Ethernet have falsely been cast as competitive technologies...

September 22, 2008  2:17 PM

Overheard: In blogging, it’s not the individual — it’s the network

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Blogging, Henry Farrell, Oracle

henry_farrel2.jpg Individual blogs are not very interesting in themselves. What is important is how they link to each other...

September 22, 2008  1:02 PM

Overheard: Windows 7 is just Vista with new shade of lipstick

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft, Technology, Windows 7

sjvn_with_dog.jpg Microsoft really is losing it. I can't help but notice that the evil empire keeps making one business...

September 18, 2008  7:51 PM

Overheard – The new vocabulary of cloud computing – glossary

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, glossary, Technology

Have you ever wanted to make up a word? Now's the time. Just make sure it has something to do with a cloud. Play a little Rolling Stones and get those neurons firing (Hey, hey, hey, hey -- get off of my cloud) I just want to jot these down before I forget. Seems like every day I stumble across...

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