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December, 2007

December 30, 2007  1:06 AM

Overheard: Technically speaking, I apologize

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
apology, Technology

The nice thing about the New Year is getting to start over again. This will be the year when I stay...

December 28, 2007  2:11 AM

Overheard: Quantum computing

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
quantum computing, Technology

cat.gif "The fundamental unit of information in quantum computing (called a quantum bit or qubit), is not...

December 27, 2007  12:56 AM

Overheard: Chaos theory, Google and the weather

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
complex systems, Technology

gregrae.jpg "Many scientists believe that twentieth century science will be known for only three...

December 26, 2007  8:14 PM

Quiz: Who’s sorry now? Apologies from 2007

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

"Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past." Tryon...

December 26, 2007  2:08 PM

Overheard: Computing at the speed of light

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
nanotech, optical computer

lightening_006.jpg "Computers that operate at the speed of light have come a step closer....

December 24, 2007  11:13 AM

Overheard: Why NORAD started tracking Santa back in 1955

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
military tech

santa.jpg "It was more than half a century ago, on Christmas Eve in 1955, that a Sears Roebuck & Co. store in Colorado Springs...

December 23, 2007  1:40 AM

Overheard: When the big box from HP arrived, it was like Christmas

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Blade servers, Data Center

kyle_rankin.jpg "Whenever I get to open up brand-new cutting-edge gear, it feels a...

December 21, 2007  4:27 PM

Overheard: December buzzword quiz

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

1. What is SimpleDB? Answer 2. What is extrusion prevention?

December 21, 2007  2:11 AM

Overheard: Let’s all declare email bankruptcy and start over January 1

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Email, Outlook, Technology

anne-zelenka.jpg Did you ever wish you could delete all your email without responding? Maybe you can....

December 20, 2007  11:00 PM

Overheard: Extrusion prevention? Worst tech term of the year

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Security, Technology

eileen_kennedy.jpg Everyone is familiar with intrusion prevention -- the security technology. But...

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