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November, 2007

November 27, 2007  4:34 PM

Overheard: The desktop is dead. Long live the cloud.

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

george_gilder.jpg The desktop is dead. Welcome to the Internet cloud, where massive facilities...

November 27, 2007  12:54 PM

Overheard: Mobile business model about to change

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Android, Google, Mobile, Telecom

google.jpg Google is going to put serious pressure on the wireless communications industry to change...

November 27, 2007  3:34 AM

Overheard: OpenSocial — For those of you who are tired of throwing chickens

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Facebook, OpenSocial, Technology

charlene_li.jpg Facebook isn't threatened -- for now. Application developers are going to go to where the heat is, and that...

November 27, 2007  3:14 AM

Overheard: Linus Torvalds looks ahead at 2008

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Linux, Ssd, Technology

linus_torvalds.jpg One of the things I personally am really interested in is the move over to SSD...

November 27, 2007  2:59 AM

Overheard: Creating the semantic graph with RDF and OWL

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
OWL, Rdf, Semantic web, Technology

nova_spivack.jpg Now when another application such as App A comes along and looks at App B's data it can reference App B's...

November 27, 2007  2:26 AM

Overheard: More 3D printer magic

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
3-D printers

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ScG13v4GQYo" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] This seems very surreal...but it's real. The future is now.

November 26, 2007  6:55 PM

Overheard: Kindle

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Amazon, e-reader, Kindle

kindle.jpg I've tried to narrow down why I think it will fail to once sentence: It solves problems that don't really...

November 26, 2007  6:31 PM

Overheard: Beacon alerts may be controversial, but they’re the future of advertising

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Beacon, Facebook, Privacy, Technology

richard-waters.jpg Known as Beacon, the feature was one of several money-making ideas Facebook launched this month to try...

November 26, 2007  6:09 PM

Overheard: Internet brown-out

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Infrastructure, Internet, Technology

grant_gross.jpg Consumer and corporate use of the Internet could overload the current capacity and lead to brown-outs in two...

November 26, 2007  5:59 PM

Overheard: Telecommuters please report to the office

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
AT&T, Technology, Telecom, Telecommuting

att_logo.JPG AT&T is in the process of reconciling the human resources policies of the legacy...

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