July 14, 2009  1:40 PM

Environmental consistency .. is that even a real phrase?

Posted by: Richard Evans
alias, export, kshrc, profil, shortcut, SQL, SQL Script, SQLPATH, SQLPLUS

Whether it is or isn't doesn't really matter... what I mean by environmental consistency is basically just making your life easier by installing, configuring, testing, developing, etc, the same way. This is one of the reasons why I love Response Files in Oracle. Another thing we do pretty well...

July 10, 2009  4:06 PM

Piggybacking on VI’s importance…

Posted by: Richard Evans

As a guy who uses Solaris for 99% of his administration I've gone from fearing vi to loving and respecting it and seriously considering buying it a valentine's day present every year. That's probably best reserved for a different blog all together:-) This is a good write-up on why VI is such a...


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