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November 1, 2010  9:14 AM

Cisco’s Edison Peres outlines channel strategy

Posted by: ElaineHom
channel program, Cisco, Edison Peres, Networking Channel

Edison Peres was recently named the new channel chief at Cisco, and I had the opportunity to sit down with him and find out what he has planned for channel partners over...

October 27, 2010  10:41 AM

Avnet adds to SolutionsPath lineup

Posted by: ElaineHom
Avnet, IT training, Networking Channel, verticals

This week, Avnet announced the addition of four new tracks to its SolutionsPath roster: mobility, energy, retail and financial. Previously, Avnet's SolutionsPath lineup included only virtualization, storage, networking, security, government, and healthcare. While none of these additions are...

September 24, 2010  1:21 PM

Cisco revamps its SMB channel offerings… again

Posted by: ElaineHom
Cisco, Networking Channel, SMBs

We've been covering Cisco's SMB partner program changes over the last year, and they just keep coming. This past week, Cisco announced a number of upgrades to the program, including a...

September 21, 2010  2:11 PM

Sexism in IT: Still rampant after all these years?

Posted by: ElaineHom
Cisco Live, Networking Channel, sexism

Whether you've been in IT for a short amount of time or a long amount of time, I am sure you are aware that IT has traditionally been viewed as a man's world. I am proud to say that in my experience, times are changing, and especially in the channel. There are a number of highly ranked female execs...

September 8, 2010  1:03 PM

Brocade expands its channel friendliness

Posted by: ElaineHom
Brocade, Networking Channel

In this new story from, senior news director Barbara Darrow examines the recent growth in Brocade's channel. Brocade has opened up more of its IT services to its partners and is...

July 23, 2010  2:15 PM

Juniper channel video redefines weird

Posted by: ElaineHom
Juniper, marketing, Networking Channel

Juniper has taken "weird" to a whole new level.  In a recent video posted on their YouTube channel, Steve Pataky and Ranjeev Gupta from Global Channels at Juniper decide to do a brief discussion about the program... while taking their clothes off and getting into drag.  You can't make this stuff...

July 16, 2010  10:09 AM

Surviving the recession: Words of advice for VARs

Posted by: ElaineHom
Networking Channel, recession, VARs

It's no surprise -- the recession clobbered everyone, including VARs. CompTIA recently released a

July 2, 2010  3:03 PM

Cisco’s channel changeups — Who will replace Wendy Bahr?

Posted by: ElaineHom
Cisco, Networking Channel, VARs, Wendy Bahr

Yesterday, Cisco confirmed on its channel blog that there are major changes happening in its channel executive team.  Here is a basic outline of the changes:

  • Edison Peres, senior...

June 30, 2010  3:44 PM

Is your customer’s Dell not working? Check the capacitor

Posted by: ElaineHom
Dell, Networking Channel

Wow. Everyone knows Dell to be the go-to vendor for cheap computers. But is the cheap price worth an exploding capacitor that will leak fluid and might start a fire? Probably not. According to this...

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May 19, 2010  1:34 PM

Apple: Not as friendly as it seems

Posted by: ElaineHom
Apple, iPad, mobility, Networking Channel

Who doesn't know those Apple commercials? With the once-adorable Justin Long (I personally find him annoying now, but that's just me) representing Apple and a frumpy chubby middle-aged man representing PC, it was clear that Apple was trying to paint itself as the "hip" and "cool" company -- a true...

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