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June 20, 2012  5:00 PM

SDN vendor Plexxi partially emerges from stealth with virtualized optics strategy

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, data center networks, Networking, openflow, Plexxi, software-defined networking

When Cisco introduced its Open Network Environment at Cisco Live last week, Cisco executives spoke about the importance of northbound APIs, leveraging the...

June 12, 2012  2:52 PM

Cisco Live: Petco Park prepares to light up wireless

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
distributed antenna system, mobility, Networking, Nexus, wireless LAN

SAN DIEGO -- Next month Petco Park, the home of Major League Baseball's San Diego Padres, will turn on a distributed antenna system and a wireless LAN to provide wireless access for all of its fans. The Padres, a...

May 31, 2012  4:28 PM

Learning@Cisco’s online network labs get more user friendly

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, Cisco certification, IT certification and training, Learning@Cisco, network certification, Networking, networking certifications

Cisco Systems has enhanced its online lab environment, Cisco Learning Labs to make it more user-friendly. It has also enhanced the environment to allow networking pros to practice certain tasks that usually require access to physical hardware. Learning@Cisco

May 31, 2012  11:04 AM

Huawei sees big growth in flat enterprise router market

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, Huawei, Infonetics, market share, Networking, Routers

In a flat global enterprise router market, Huawei managed to wring out some robust growth in the first quarter of 2012, according to Infonetics Research. Enterprise router revenue dropped to $834 million last quarter, down 9% from the...

May 18, 2012  1:41 PM

Not all QFabric customers are QFabric customers

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
data center networks, Juniper, Juniper QFabric, Networking

Juniper Networks' QFabric solution can be tricky for tech journalists to cover. When Juniper boasts of QFabric customers, those boasts are very nuanced. Not all QFabric customers are

May 10, 2012  1:07 AM

Again with the booth babes? Interop 2012

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
booth babes, Interop, IT conferences and events, IT shop sexism, Networking, networking careers

LAS VEGAS -- As I was ambling toward an 8 a.m. meeting at Interop 2012 this week, I noticed a young woman dressed rather provocatively. She took the escalator just ahead of me and her appearance was striking. I thought to myself, "Wow, she is dressed inappropriately for this show!" A tiny black top...

April 25, 2012  12:16 PM

Juniper reveals some full QFabric deployments in earnings call

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
data center fabric, data center networks, Juniper, Juniper QFabric, Networking, software-defined networking

Enterprises tend to be conservative with their data center networks, which makes Juniper Networks' efforts to displace legacy architectures with its new data center...

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April 24, 2012  9:09 AM

Cisco SDN strategy: Insieme morale issue is a sideshow

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Avaya, Brocade, Cisco, data center networks, Networking, openflow, shortest path bridging, software-defined networking, TRILL

Many of the bloggers who have analyzed and reported on the news of Insieme, Cisco's latest spin-in, have talked about how the

April 17, 2012  5:11 PM

LineRate Systems: Virtualizing Layer 4-7 services

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
cloud computing, Layer 4-7 services, LineRate, network stack, network virtualization, Networking, software-defined networking

Keeping up with emerging start-ups in the software-defined networking (SDN) market is becoming a full-time job. Most of the SDN buzz centers on Layer 2/3 networking. That's what is dominating the agenda at this week's

April 9, 2012  4:39 PM

Palo Alto IPO could spell big trouble for Juniper and Cisco

Posted by: rivkalittle
Application-aware firewalls, Cisco, Juniper, Next-generation firewalls, Palo Alto

Application-aware firewall vendor

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