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February 24, 2010  2:13 PM

IT job market laughs courtesy of Google Reader

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
career advice, Networking

As I was skimming through stories from the RSS feed of a competing publication, I came across these two sequential headlines: "Want a job? Get a Computer Science Degree" and "Boeing prepares to cut to cut nearly 800 IT workers" Talk about mixed messages. But that's what this economy has...

February 3, 2010  2:25 PM

Network admin paychecks: How’s yours looking?

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
career, career advice, Networking

Computer Economics has published its new IT salary report, which claims the average IT worker will see just a 1.8% raise in 2010. That's pretty rough.  But in an age where many people are seeing their...

January 8, 2010  7:40 PM

IT jobs growth detected with a microscope

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
career, career advice, Network

National unemployment remains at 10% (officially), but if you include people who are underemployed and who have given up looking for work that number is actually at 17.3%. Not...

March 20, 2009  8:04 PM

Cisco certification product giveaway

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
career advice, Cisco, contests, IT certification and training

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March 5, 2009  8:14 PM

Networking jobs market is lukewarm while overall job market is lousy

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
career advice, Networking

Hey, do you notice a trend here?

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November 21, 2008  10:35 PM

Microsoft offers free certification exam retake

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
career, career advice, IT certification and training, Network

Can't afford to get certified? Well, these days, with an even more competitive job market, you can't afford not to be. The good news is that Microsoft is giving you two incentives to certify for their...

October 7, 2008  6:47 PM

A good network engineer is hard to find

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
analysts, career, career advice, Network

If you are a network engineer or network architect, you're a wanted man or woman. At least for now. Gartner has published some selected findings from its annual IT market compensation study. In it's new publication, "CIO Alert: Jobs and Skills Topping the Difficult-to-Recruit-For List in the...

September 3, 2008  7:37 PM

Networking skills are in demand

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
career, career advice, Network, Routing and switching, Wireless networking

If you're looking for a new job and you have networking skills, you are in luck. Even in this weak economy CIOs are looking for...

June 5, 2008  6:54 PM

Gen X to Gen Y: Grow up!

Posted by: 2020viip
career advice

From my perspective, there aren't many differences between Generation X and Generation Y -- except that people born in the 80s aren't as likely to remember Spider Man and his Amazing Friends. (If you subscribe to the typical

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May 29, 2008  4:36 PM

Is there a gap between those who are tech savvy and those who are not?

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
career advice, Geek culture, IT humor

When I finished up my taxes online some months ago I laughed a little when I saw a button that said "If you do not have an email address, click here to get your tax receipt mailed to you." I found it ironic because someone tech savvy enough to complete their taxes online...

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