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June, 2008

June 30, 2008  6:15 PM

SolarWinds Hulks out about nonessential traffic

Posted by: 2020viip
Network management, network monitoring, social networking, SolarWinds, video demo

I can't resist a networking/comic book analogy, so I taped this booth demo from SolarWinds at Cisco Networkers. "Head Geek" Josh Stephens talks about how nonessential traffic -- such as the Hulk movie trailer -- can make network engineers very angry, and how the latest SolarWinds Orion release can...

June 27, 2008  5:29 PM

Cisco’s Warrior on collaboration, innovation and bathtubs

Posted by: 2020viip
Cisco, collaboration, social networking

It's pretty clear that Cisco is serious about the principles of connectivity and collaboration put forth during Networkers. I just got back from Orlando and discovered both a Twitter and a Facebook connection invitation from two different Cisco employees. I also don't think I've ever sent or...

June 25, 2008  5:01 AM

Cisco’s collaboration strategy: Adding vision to social networking

Posted by: 2020viip
Cisco, collaboration, IT conferences and events, social networking

Cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers welcomed attendees of Cisco Live 2008 (a.k.a. Cisco Networkers) at his keynote address in Orlando Tuesday morning with the message that the network will become the platform for all communication, and that Cisco will be the leader in providing the...

June 25, 2008  4:07 AM

Cisco CEO John Chambers puts EMC acquisition rumors to rest

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, EMC, IT conferences and events, Network, Wireless networking

Wall Street's buzz about a possible Cisco-EMC marriage faded this afternoon when Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers sat down with the press for a round table discussion during...

June 18, 2008  7:43 PM

Open mobile devices get the most market penetration

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
iPhone, Mobile, Network devices

To be a player in the mobile device or network appliance game, having an open platform is a must, according to CEO Robert Bowman at the Mobile & Wireless World conference keynote last week. In a closed device platform,...

June 17, 2008  11:10 PM

Have Cisco pay YOU for a change

Posted by: Michael Morisy
career, Cisco, contests, IT certification and training, Network

After all the money you've diverted from your (enterprise's) coffers, don't you deserve a little something back? I mean, your requisition orders must pay the salaries of at least a few marketing types, sales types, and even a few engineers, so a kick back is the least they could give you. Well,...

June 10, 2008  6:50 PM

Data to be favored over voice: Youth will alter communication technology

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
Mobile, Network, Networking, Wireless

The enterprise must prepare for the 'millenials,' or Generation Y as they are often known, according to a report from 60 Minutes. This was a theme echoed by President and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced...

June 9, 2008  9:59 PM

The NBA Finals and Lenovo

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Laptops, Lenovo, Mobile, NBA, Network, Wireless

Last week I took a "tech tour" of Boston's TD BankNorth Garden, home of the Boston Celtics. The tour, which took place hours before Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals, demonstrated how the NBA uses Lenovo tablet laptops to tracks statistics...

June 9, 2008  2:17 PM

Deep diving into deep packet inspection

Posted by: Michael Morisy
deep packet inspection, DPI, Network, Network analysis, network monitoring, Networking

Speaking of deep packeteering, is a new non-profit with the goal to "foster and support community interest and progress in deep packet inspection (DPI)." OK,...

June 9, 2008  2:13 PM

Big Burns is Watching

Posted by: Michael Morisy
deep packet inspection, DPI, Network, Network management, network monitoring, P2P

My friend over at InsideHigherEd stumbled upon a novel approach to discouraging illegal P2P while allowing legitimate research usage:

In order to download (or upload) files on any peer-to-peer network whatsoever, all...

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