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November, 2007


November 30, 2007  11:16 PM

It’s a phone, it’s a computer — no! It’s your mobile device! (A comment on form factor)

Tessa Parmenter Tessa Parmenter Profile: Tessa Parmenter

You really can’t call mobile phones “phones” anymore, what with all the Web 2.0 applications springing up, such as FaceBook for BlackBerrys. These phones, or devices,...

November 28, 2007  12:18 AM

Cisco networking bookshelf bonanza!

2020viip Profile: 2020viip

Maybe you are hoping to catch up on some networking know-how before the new year... or perhaps you could use a free gift for that special geek on your holiday gift list. Either way, I'd like to help. Thanks to the friendly elves at Cisco Press, we have a big stack of networking books to give away!...

November 16, 2007  8:20 PM

Cisco targeting digital signage, advertising


The first time I talked to Cisco about the networking vendor’s foray into digital signage, I was a bit confused. Why would the largest enterprise networking vendor want to jump into an area targeted at consumers, especially...

November 15, 2007  9:59 PM

Mobile devices: MIA

2020viip Profile: 2020viip

We talk a lot about the importance of mobile device management, but outside my job as an editor on a networking site, it's not something I think about that often. Until, three days ago, I misplaced my cell phone.

November 1, 2007  9:34 PM

It’s not easy being green

2020viip Profile: 2020viip

Kermit the FrogBoston recently held a...


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