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January 22, 2011  12:42 PM

Trunking encapsulation mismatch was the problem

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
%EC-SP-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2:, dynamic trunking, no switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q, port-channel, port-channel between Cisco 6500 Series and Cisco 3750 E Series switches, switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q, Te1/7 is not compatible with Te2/7 and will be suspended, Te2/7 is trunk, tenGigabitEthernet, trunk mode of Te1/7 is dynamic, trunking encapsulation mismatch, Trunking encapsulation mismatch was the problem

"Jan 22 09:09:33: %EC-SP-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2: Te1/7 is not compatible with...


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