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June 28, 2010  6:18 AM

The countdown for Cisco Live started – Be there live or virtual

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Cisco Live, Cisco Live 2010, Cisco Live Virtual, Cisco Unified Computing System, Computing, Data Center, Data Center 3.0 Architecture, Facebook, John Chambers, Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Hotel, The Accidental Billionaires, Virtualization

As we all know the biggest event of the year for Cisco Systems has already started at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Most of the Cisco Experts are already there enjoying the...

June 24, 2010  12:10 PM

Social Networking is coming to Enterprise Networks thanks to Cisco Quad

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Australia, Cananda, Cisco Quad, Cisco Systems, Cisco's Enterprise Collaboration Platform, Facebook, linkedin, Networking, New Zealand, popular social networking tools, social networking, twitter, United Kingdom, US, Web 2.0

We are leaving in the era of social networking, these days social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are becoming part of our work culture. No doubt we are all enjoying these new features of social networking to reach out the new height of business success. Seems to be inspired...

June 22, 2010  5:53 AM

Cisco Enhanced PoE is the answer for delivering PoE in excess of 15.4W per port.

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
%CDP_PD-2-POWER_LOW: All radios disabled, 12.2(35)SE5, 15.4W per port, Catalyst 3560-E switches, Catalyst 3750-E, Cisco 1525 Aironet Access Point, Cisco 3750 E Switch, Cisco Access Point error, Cisco Access Points, Cisco Aironet 1250 requires 18.5W of PoE, Cisco Aironet® 1250 Series Access Point, Cisco Enhanced PoE, Cisco IOS log, Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.2(44)SE, Cisco Switches, Cisco Tips, IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 standards, IEEE 802.3af standard, IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) standard, MIMO, POE, Powering the Cisco Aironet 1250, radio interface, radios disabled

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June 21, 2010  9:13 AM

POE Compatibilty between Cisco 1252 Aironet Access Point & Cisco 3750 E POE Switch

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
%CDP_PD-2-POWER_LOW: All radios disabled, Cisco 1525 Aironet Access Point, Cisco 3750 E Switch, Cisco Access Point error, Cisco Access Points, Cisco IOS log, Cisco Switches, Cisco Tips, POE, radio interface, radios disabled

Recently one my colleague was trying to connect a Cisco 1252 Aironet Access Point without a power injector to a Cisco 3750 E POE Switch, but the device was not coming up, he was...

June 20, 2010  5:09 AM

Cisco WebEx Connect IM can improve productivity for Customers

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
browser-based IM client, Cisco News, Cisco Systems, Cisco WebEx Connect, Cisco WebEx Connect IM for Windows, Network Technologies and Trends, WebEx, WebEx 6.5

Cisco Systems releases newest version of WebEx Connect IM, some of the features the newly released Cisco WebEx Connect IM (6.5) allows the users to access their contact lists and send messages via a browser...

June 18, 2010  7:10 AM

Cisco Systems is hosting Techdays! Be part of it.

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
acceleration, and collaboration technologies, borderless Networks, Borderless Networks Track, Cisco Events, Cisco innovation, Cisco registration, Cisco Systems tech days, Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco’s technical experts, data center virtualization, IP-based collaboration technologies, Network technologies & trends, Network to Optimize, Routing, Security, Switching, Unified Communications Track, Virtualization, Virtualization Track, Wireless

Would you like to join the Cisco's technical experts for an in-depth discussion about the latest innovations-products, features and like experience the demos and roadmaps to develop strategies and deploy solutions that increases resiliency, agility and productivity, then you have a golden...

June 16, 2010  5:49 AM

How to configure a DHCP server in a Cisco Aironet Access Points?

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
12.2(11)JA1, Access Point, Cisco Access Point configuration, Cisco Aironet 1100, Cisco Aironet 1200, Cisco Configuration, Cisco Tips, DHCP server in Cisco Aironet, DHCP service, Ethernet, How to configure DHCP in a Cisco Access point, IOS, Network Technologies and Trends, Wireless client, Wireless Configuration

If you want to configure DHCP service in Cisco Aironet 1100 and 1200 series Access Points its pretty simple. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server capability was first available on the Cisco Aironet 1100 and 1200 series Access Points (APs) in version 12.2(11)JA1. When an AP is...

June 12, 2010  6:44 AM

Cisco Systems into Storage? For SMB’s is a reality

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Cisco NSS 300, Cisco NSS 300 Series Smart Storage, Cisco products, Cisco Small Business Council, Cisco Systems, desktop network storage units, High performance, Network Technologies and Trends, RAID, SAN, Storage business

  Now even the small-business market segments do matters, on June 11th Cisco Systems entered into the small-business market with its new storage product Cisco NSS 300 Series Smart...

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June 8, 2010  5:32 AM

iOS or IOS – Apple’s version is iOS

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Apple iPhone 4, Cisco agrees to license the iOS, Cisco and Apple, Cisco Systems, IOS, iOS or IOS – Apple’s version is iOS, iPad, iPod, WWDC 2010

Last night when I  read the WWDC 2010 opening notes and the release of iPhone 4 by Steve Jobs for a moment I was shocked when I saw the name iOS, what is Cisco Systems IOS doing here with Apple.

June 6, 2010  5:59 AM

Key differences between NX-OS and Cisco IOS – Part 1

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
2000, advantages of NX-OS, BGP, CatOS, Cisco Innovations, Cisco Nexus Siwtches, Cisco NX-OS commands, Cisco Press, Cisco Systems, Cisco Tips, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCS), compairsion between NX-OS and Cisco IOS, Configuring Nexus Swicthes, Csico IOS commands, feature configuration command, InformIT, Key differences between NX-OS and Cisco IOS, Network Administrators, Network Technologies and Trends, Next generation Data Centers, Nexus, Nexus 1000v, Nexus 4000, Nexus 5000, Nexus 7000, Nexus Switching, NX-OS, NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching, NX-OS blog, NX-OS features, OSPF, Safari Online, Virtualization

Since long time we are used to Cisco IOS version and few Cisco Switches with CatOS, now the era of NX-OS is coming. These days I am seeing more and more Organizations are moving towards Nexus Switches for their Core and Server farm. Since Nexus Switches are pretty new and they work with NX-OS. ...

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