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July 20, 2009  5:32 AM

“The Data Center of the future” was great.

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
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Dear folks as you all know on 15th of July 2009, Cisco Systems along APC by Schneider Electric, EMC, Emerson Network Power, NetApp, Oracle, Panduit, and VMware conducted a live virtual event “Data Center of the future”

The event was a great success, I never imagined a virtual event of this standard and the presentations were simply amazing. The interaction was amazing and I was zapped by the virtual environment. For a moment I felt as if I am in the auditorium physically. I really enjoyed each and every presentation.

As I am leaving in the other part of the World time was the major constrain for me. I did miss few presentations, but now I have an opportunity to watch them offline.  As Cisco Systems along with its event partners are allowing us to access on demand presentations. If you have missed this event no worries, you have one more opportunity to access the content on demand. You can download the slides as well. Wow.

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July 13, 2009  5:43 AM

Data center of the future an event to attend!

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
APC by Schneider Electric, Cisco Events, Cisco News, Cisco Systems, Data Center, Data Center Consolidation, data center of the future, EMC, Emerson Network Power, iPhone, NetApp, network events, Network Trends, Oracle, Panduit, Unified Computing, Unified Computing and Data Center Consolidation, Virtual Event, VMware


Since we are in the process of Data Center, these days I am always looking for the resources, seminars, webcast related to the Data Center.

Cisco Systems, APC by Schneider Electric, EMC, Emerson Network Power, NetApp, Oracle, Panduit, and VMware joined hands together to share their vision for the unified computing and data center consolidation. They are conducting a live event on 15th of July 2009.

Pic Courtesy: Cisco Systems.

 The Unified Computing and Data Center Consolidation virtual event is a one-day live program, where you can access the webcast full of informative presentations that will cover wide range of important topics.

  • Increasing business agility
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Increasing compute and virtual machine scalability
  • Achieving immediate productivity gains through consolidation of inefficient, underutilized infrastructure
  • Improving energy efficiency and extending the life of your existing data centers
  • Starting to lay the foundation for a best-practice architecture to deal with the emerging needs of the 21-century business and new business models
  • Accelerating the deployment and reducing the risks

So register now and enjoy the wonderful event, may be you can win an IPhone.

Unified Computing and Data Center Consolidation Virtual Event

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PDT
9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT


Register  –

July 11, 2009  12:19 PM

Cisco announces four new Certifications!

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
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 Last week, I have received the newsletter from Cisco Systems about announcement of four new Cisco certifications.

“In response to the growing demand for IT professionals who can design, manage, and maintain converged technologies across global network infrastructures, Cisco announced the release of four new certifications at the Cisco Live! show, held this week in San Francisco, CA.

Cisco Certified Architect, CCNP Wireless, and two new Cisco Datacenter Unified Computing Specialists reinforce Cisco’s commitment developing state of the art, technology driven, role based certifications that meet the demands of today’s network professional.”


  • Cisco Certified Architect (Available January, 2010): Cisco Certified Architect is highest level of accreditation achievable within the Cisco Career Certification program. It is the pinnacle for individuals wishing to show their formal validation of both design and IT skills in Cisco technologies and infrastructure.
  • CCNP Wireless (Available July 24th, 2009): Built on the growing need for professionals responsible for the design, implementation, security, and operation of wireless networks and mobility infrastructures, CCNP Wireless certification recognizes the critical importance of professionals who support and manage Cisco wireless LANs and networks.
  • DC Unified Computing Design Specialist: It is designed to test students knowledge of the fundamentals of the Cisco Unified Compute System and their ability to implement a virtualized Data Center environment. In addition the student also tested on how to implement the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) in an enterprise data center routing and switching infrastructure with the next-generation Cisco Nexus product family.
  • DC Unified Computing Support Specialist: It validates an engineer’s ability to design scalable, reliable, and intelligent Data Center Virtualization solutions based on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) along with other Cisco Data Center products, server virtualization software, and server operating systems.


July 10, 2009  9:20 PM

Cisco 2009 Midyear Security report will be available on 14th July,2009

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Cisco 2009 Midyear Security Report, Cisco Security, Cisco Security experts, Cisco Systems, Cisco TV, Cisco Web Cast, Mid year security report, Security, Security events, Security report, webcast

Cisco Systems will release its Mid Year Security Report on 14th of July. The Cisco 2009 Midyear Security Report will present the overview of Cisco Security Intelligence, highlighting threat information and trends from the first half of the year 2009. The Cisco 2009 Midyear Security Report also includes recommendations from Cisco Security experts and predictions of how identified trends will evolve.

Pic Courtesy: Cisco Systems

Meanwhile there will be a webcast on 14th July, 2009. Where the Cisco Security, Fred Kost and Patrick Peterson, will discuss findings from the Cisco 2009 Midyear Security report recapping the security events and trends from the first half of this year.

Do check the webcast  on 14th of July, 2009

When: July 14th, 2009.
Time: 8am PDT
Fred Kost and Patrick Peterson, Cisco Security Executives

July 8, 2009  10:02 AM

Cisco Press releases “Interconnecting Data Centers Using VPLS”

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
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Cisco Press just released the book “Interconnecting Data Centers Using VPLS (Ensure Business Continuance on Virtualized Networks by Implementing Layer 2 Connectivity Across Layer 3)” . This book deals with the interconnection of Data Centers using VPLS . Virtualization techniques were developed to solve many problems with business continuance; however these solutions now pose severe network challenges and business continuance issues of their own. This book describes Cisco’s break-through solutions that evolve your network toward support of server virtualization techniques ensuring a highly-resilient network solution by implementing Layer 2 connectivity across Layer 3 network infrastructure using VPLS.


·         Interconnecting Data Centers Using VPLS (Ensure Business Continuance on Virtualized Networks by Implementing Layer 2 Connectivity Across Layer 3)
By Nash Darukhanawalla, Patrice Bellagamba.

·         Published by Cisco Press.

·         Series: Networking Technology.


July 4, 2009  7:38 AM

The Fujitsu Datacenter Technology Event – Starts 5th July

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
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Starting 5th of July 2009, Fujitsu Technology Solutions is conducting a Data Center Technology Event, if you are residing in Riyadh Jeddah or Al Khobar you have a change to register yourself and be the part of the event. In this event you can witness enterprise infrastructure in a new dimension, with their expertise across a range of technologies. Get an exclusive preview of the world’s most business dynamic IT that easily adapts to any requirement and in use with leading companies worldwide.

Register Now.

July 4, 2009  6:06 AM

Unlocking the Potential of Virtualization – Techwise TV Webcast on 30th July

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
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Starting July 30th Cisco Systems’ TechWiseTV will be broadcasting the webcast by the title Unlocking the Potential of Virtualization”.  So act now and register for this online Webcast, learn how the revolutionary new Cisco Nexus 1000V, and Cisco VN-Link enable you to automatically empower virtual servers with the same network properties as physical servers. Learn how these new solutions will allow you to dramatically expand and accelerate your data center virtualization initiatives, so you can reap its full benefits.

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The agenda is as follows



Segment 1: The Real Impediments to Virtualization

Virtualization severed a critical link between server and network activities creating a blindness that is hampering true adoption of virtualization benefits.Segment 2: Understanding VN-Link and the Nexus 1000v
Port Profiles will bring a smile to your face as you witness first hand how sanity is not just restored but enhanced beyond what it ever was in the purely physical world.

Segment 3: Network Interface Virtualization
We breakdown the innovation that brings the physical switch back into the mix and greatly expands your deployment options and architectural models.

Segment 4: Virtualization and your Storage Environment
Increased virtualization equals increased demand on the network to access storage – We show what you need to know for eliminating costly storage silos from your network.






Register Now.

June 27, 2009  4:41 PM

One year completed,while blogging with ITKE

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Blogging, ITKE, thanks

I am really thankful to IT KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE for providing me an opportunity to blog with them; it’s my privilege to be associated with IT KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE. I learned a lot while blogging to this wonderful knowledge portal. It’s the vigorous support and guidance from the team of IT KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE encourages any individual to be the part of this great portal. I would siege this opportunity to thank Brent Sheets the community manager, Jenny Mackintosh  and Sean Brooks.


I hope to be continuing my journey with IT KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE.



Yasir Irfan

June 27, 2009  4:24 PM

R & M launches new generation LC Duplex compact fiber optic connector

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
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I started my career as a Structured cabling Designer, I am certified Systimax SCS guy, for me there is no better product than Systimax. I was literary addicted to the products from Systimax. I know Systimax since the days of AT&T, then Lucent Technologies, Avaya Systems and at this stage a Comscope company. No doubt Systimax SCS products are great. By it was my friend working as Area Manager R & M Saudi Arabia changed my perspective about R & M SCS products.


R & M happens to be Swiss cabling Specialist Company, which recently launched the new generation of its LC Duplex compact fiber-optic connector system. For the first time ever, this system has integrated laser protection and a lock for the connector. With these safety features, LC can now be used more easily in office buildings, residential buildings and highly com-pact computing centers.

According to the press release from R & M

“A laser shutter provides integrated protection against laser beams, an international first in this product category. A flat spring in the adapter opens when the connector is unplugged and covers the fiber stub. No laser beam can escape from the adapter. Any danger of injury is therefore ruled out, allowing the LC to be utilized risk-free in publicly accessible applications such as Fiber-to-the-Desk and Fiber-to-the-Home. R & M  also offers a semi-transparent dust cap that enables the connection to be visually checked safely.”

June 27, 2009  6:24 AM

Building a Data Center! think green.

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
APC, Cable Management, Cisco Data Center 3.0, Cisco Systems, Data Center, Data Center Projects: Standardized Process, Data Center RFP, data center solutions, Green Data Center, Net Access Cabinets, Nexus 7000, Panduit, R & M, Search Data Center, TIA 942, TIA 942 Standard


We are working on building a new Data Center for our Organization, mean while I did lot of research and gathered some information on what standards the data center to be established. These days everyone is talking about the green Data centers, which triggered me and I was just thinking about our planet. Yes we will plan a green data center, but to do so we need some guidelines and standards.

 I figured out an ideal data center can be only established if we follow the TIA 964 standards. Following resources helped me to come out with an ideal RFP for the tender which we are releasing soon.

First and foremost the document published by Search Datacenter is good you should have a look at this document and the website has many valuable information related to data centers.  

APC does have lot of documents, the white paper published by APC by the title “Data Center Projects: Standardized Process” did help me a lot to draft the RFP.

Cisco Systems even though they never build data center but they do provide solutions and does have a dedicated section called Cisco Data Center 3.0 where you can find lot of valuable information.

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Other web site which really amazed me was of Panduit, they really have data center solutions, especially the cable management stuff and the specially designed Net Access cabinets for the Cisco Nexus 7000 series Switches.   

R & M the Swiss cabling specialist does have special cabling products for the data center as well as their white paper is worth while reading as it contains all the information needed to build a green data center.

Hopefully we try to establish our data center based on the TIA 964 standards and ofcourse it will be green.

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