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March, 2011


March 30, 2011  7:20 AM

Cisco Network Academy has enrolled its 1 millionth student

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Cisco Corporate Affairs, Cisco Network Academy, Cisco Network Academy has enrolled its 1 millionth student, educational institutions, Facebook fans, government administrations, information and communications technology, Networking Academy, world's largest classroom

  According to Cisco, Cisco Network Academy has enrolled its 1 millionth student for the first time. The Cisco Network Academy offers the program in partnership with educational institutions, government administrations and community based organizations globally and delivers information and...

March 27, 2011  5:46 AM

What is IP SLA?

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
CCNP, CCNP 642-813 Exam, CCNP Switch Official Certification Guide, Cisco CCNP- Switch Exam, Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS devices, Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco Systems, David Hucaby, DNS, http.ftp, IBM SNA Native Echo, ICMP Echo Path, ICMP Ping, icmp-echo, IOS version 11.2, Network technologies & trends, patch-echo, path-jitter, Performance Routing, Response Time Responder (RTR), Service Assurance Agent (SAA), Switching, tcp-connect, udp-echo, udp-jitter, · What is IP SLA?

 When you are preparing for Cisco CCNP- Switch Exam, IP SLA is one of the key topics included at quite later stage even surprised David Hucaby the author of the title "CCNP Switch Official Certification Guide"  Even he included the supplementary material for the "CCNP Switch Official...

March 23, 2011  6:13 AM

Telnet by default disabled in NX-OS devices

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Cisco Command, Cisco IOS Commands, Cisco Switch tips, Cisco Tips, configuring Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch, domain name, how to enable the Telnet Server in NX-OS devices, IP Address, Network technologies & trends, Nexus 5000 and 2000 Series Switches, Nexus 7000, Nexus configuration, Nexus configuration tips, Nexus tips, NX-OS, remote device address, TCP/IP connections, Telnet

  As I am working with Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000 and 2000 Series Switches, I discovered by default  Telnet Server is disabled in a NX-OS devices such as Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000 and 2000 Series Switches. We all know Telnet protocol enables TCP/IP connections to a host. Telnet allows a user at...

March 16, 2011  7:13 AM

Preparing for Cisco CCNA Certification – Great opportunity to attend Essentials of CCNA webinar

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Career path, CCNA certified, CCNA exams, Cisco CCNA Certification, Cisco Learning Network, Cisco Subject Matter Experts, Cisco Systems, content available for CCNA, IT Industry, The Essentials of CCNA webinar, Webinar

  For all those folks working hard to achieve Cisco CCNA Certification, one of the most recognized certification in the IT Industry, good news is here. The Cisco learning Network is conducting a 90-minute webinar which highlights the technologies and topics an individual will need to know to...

March 16, 2011  6:00 AM

Whether to disable Flash for the time being?

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
Acrobat X, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Security Advisory (APSA11-01), Chrome, critical vulnerability, email, email attachment, Flash (.swf), Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft Excel, operating systems, Solaris, update for Flash Player 10, Windows

  Perhaps it's better for the time being to disable the flash. According to the Adobe Security Advisory (APSA11-01) post  there is a critical vulnerability exists in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions (Adobe Flash Player and earlier for Chrome users) for Windows,...

March 12, 2011  6:18 AM

CCNP – Switch Key Topics 1 – Spanning tree loop guard

Posted by: Yasir Irfan
BCMSN exam, BCMSN exam (642-812), BPDUs, CCNP, CCNP Switch, CCNP SWITCH 642-813, Cisco Certifications, global configuration mode, Implementing Cisco IP Switched Network, IOS command, Network Troubleshooting, non-Designated Port, point-to-point, Spanning tree loop guard, spanning tree protocol loops, spanning-tree loopguard default, STP loop-inconsistent Blocking state, STP loops, Switching, UDLD, UDLD feature

  When you are preparing for the CCNP Switch (642-813) or BCMSN exam (642-812) there are quite a few topics which are important not only from the perspective of passing  the  "Implementing Cisco IP Switched Network" exam or...


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