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April 9, 2009  6:03 PM

Switchvox update Finally Released

Posted by: AndOrTech
BRI, CHAT, CSV, DIDs, FAX, G722, HD Voice, IMAP, IVR, Phonebook, queue, SIP, SwitchVox, Unified Communications, Update, Video, VoIP

It has been a long year wait but it is finally released. I will do an update and let you know how it goes. Anyway here is the new enhancement feature set.


April 2, 2009  7:02 PM

ALTIGEN QOS for HP Switches

Posted by: AndOrTech
Altigen, HP, SwitchVox, TCP, UDP, VoIP

I needed to do this for a customer and thought someone else may need it.   Here are the ports we need for the Alitgen VOICE. Voip – RTP...

March 9, 2009  2:44 PM

HP Switches and Valcom IP Page

Posted by: AndOrTech
HP, Noise, SIP, SwitchVox, Valcom

 Sorry for the break in writing, I have been doing grunt work lately as I have been wiring up a Valcom page system that integrates Via SIP to my SwitchVox phone system.  It has gone great with the exception of white...

March 2, 2009  6:30 PM

The SwitchVox Fix ALL

Posted by: AndOrTech
Analog, Digium, SwitchVox, VoIP, ZAPTel

I have been waiting for the promised Silver Bullet Upgrade from SwitchVox for over a half a year now. It is supposed to come out sometime this month. Now I have been told all of my echo issues on the analog cards are due to old drivers not...

February 27, 2009  2:12 PM

3Com on a VPN

Posted by: AndOrTech
3Com, Altigen, Astrisk, Sonicwall, SwitchVox, Trixbox, VPN

Due to necessity we have a remote user on a VPN tunnel to run her laptop and phone. While I hear many of you groan (I did at the time too) there are just no way out of doing it at times. Recently she called into the office, via Cell, to tell us that her phone was not working. I logged into her...

February 23, 2009  6:33 PM

Valcom Speakers and Paging

Posted by: AndOrTech
Bogen, CAT3, Polycom, Roulund, SIP, SwitchVox, Valcom, VoIP

I will admit that page is a fairly new addition to my arsenal of education. It was an outgrowth from the SIP/VOIP side. I had worked with Roland and Bogen before but from my stand point VALCOM is definitely the winner. All speakers are connected in Parallel using cat 3 - 2 pair wire. Two of the...


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