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December 16, 2010  4:46 AM

How to manipulate BGP Routes – part 2

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
CCNP, Cisco, filter-list, map, regex, route, router

As discussed earlier, BPG mainly uses 4 variations to manipulate the routes

  • neighbor distribute-list (standard ACL / extended ACL)
  • neighbor prefix-list
  • neighbor filter-list
  • neighbor route-map...

December 12, 2010  1:19 AM

How to manipulate BGP Routes – part 1

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
ACL, Cisco, distribute-list, manipulate, map, PA, prefix-list, route, router

After knowing how BGP select the best route for the routing update, using the BGP PAs. The next step would be to manipulate these PAs to give the desired route for NLRI BPG mainly uses 4 variations to manipulate the routes:

  • neighbor distribute-list (standard ACL /...

December 3, 2010  2:10 AM

How BGP selects the best route?

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Attribute, CCNP, Cisco, eBGP, iBGP, NEXT_HOP, Path, route, router, routing, weight

Since, i started studying for CCIE, i would start writing technical topics that are either difficult or interesting, and present them in easy way. BGP is one of the most interesting routing protocols out there. The interesting part lies in the way routes can be manipulated. There are many Path...

October 23, 2010  11:59 PM

How to Configure Router on GNS3 to work with SDM.

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
CCNA, Cisco, configuration, GNS3, PC, router, sdm

This is pretty basic configurations that can be done on GNS3 router, or any router that it matters. it is useful for first time users, or who wants to practice CCNA security. on host do the following settings:

IP address: Subnet Mask:...

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