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August 7, 2013  12:19 AM

Configuring Cisco GRE over Site to site VPN

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
access-list, Cisco, end-to-end, GRE, ios, ipsec, route-map, router, vpn

Previously we have seen how the site to site VPN works. in this example, I would use the topology below to configure Site to Site VPN. Then we would create a GRE Tunnel and secure it with the IPsec tunnel, called GRE over IPSec. thus providing routing protocols the ability to transverse the sites...

February 25, 2013  2:38 AM

Setting up CUCM in VMware workstation – part 1

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Cisco, CUCM, DNS, GNS3, ios, NTP, router, VMware, voice

Although setting up Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) in VMware is pretty easy and straight forward, I had to struggle to get it up and running. Partially cause i was creating the VM wrongly. In this series, I...

October 25, 2011  1:34 AM

How to Configure PPPoE?

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Cisco, Configure, dhcp, how, interface, ios, PPPoE, router, virtual

This is one of the interesting things i have learned in past week. PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE). It is simple, yet tricky. It also has a limitation that network engineers might not know which will bring their network down. Lets see a sample configuration of how to do it. First, configure one Router...

October 17, 2011  12:32 AM

Loopback address and MPLS-VPN!

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Configure, EIGRP, GNS3, how, ios, MPLS, RIP, router, switch, to, vpn

In this article, i will not go deeply into the issue of configuring MPLS-VPN. The steps were mentioned very clearly in an earlier post. MPLS-VPN Tutorial...

October 12, 2011  12:31 AM

How to Insure End to end connectivity in Frame-Relay

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
active, CCIE, Cisco, Configure, end-to-end, how, ios, keepalive, network, PVC, router, to, VC

This is one of the nice features that i just discovered yesterday. It is the ability to make sure an end-to-end frame-relay connectivity between Cisco routers. In the local router, we can see the PVC status.
Rack1R3#show frame-relay pvc PVC Statistics for interface...

July 17, 2011  2:37 AM

GRE Tunnel ARP entry never times out! – part 3

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
ARP, bug, Cisco, clear, CSCsa83049, CSCtf16300, entry, ios, mGRE, TAC, Tunnel, wireless, WLSM

For people who were following on this issue, i would like to post some updates. But before that, you can read what is the problem by going to GRE Tunnel ARP entry...

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March 23, 2011  3:13 AM

Running Juniper with GNS3

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Cisco, configuration, emulate, GNS3, ios, juniper, Olive, router, VMware, Vmware Player

It was rather a very intense Google journey to find out all the details on how to emulate Junos. Since i intend to learn juniper, i needed a platform to work on. after two days of research and work, i managed to a results. There are various things required to make things work. I would list them...

February 27, 2011  7:41 AM

Errdisable Port State Recovery on the Cisco IOS

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Cisco, errdisable, ios, loopback, no shut, Port, recovery, shut

Ports in Cisco switches go into errdisable state for various reasons. some reasons are configured such as arp-inspection, bpdugaurd, psecure-violation, etc. While some are turned on by default such as loopback, link-flap, etc. Following the typical default configuration of cisco switch.  Once it...


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