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September 10, 2013  4:15 AM

How to configure Cisco DMVPN? Part-3

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
ASA, Cisco, configuration, DMVPN, GRE, HUB, ipsec, mGRE

We have seen how in the first part how DMVPN works, the dynamic tunnels and how we can peer Spokes to each other to allow direct traffic. But all will fail if our Hub goes down, as it is critical in keeping the DMVPN network up. For redundancy Dual Hub DMVPN networks were designed, we would look at...

August 7, 2013  12:19 AM

Configuring Cisco GRE over Site to site VPN

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
access-list, Cisco, end-to-end, GRE, ios, ipsec, route-map, router, vpn

Previously we have seen how the site to site VPN works. in this example, I would use the topology below to configure Site to Site VPN. Then we would create a GRE Tunnel and secure it with the IPsec tunnel, called GRE over IPSec. thus providing routing protocols the ability to transverse the sites...

May 30, 2011  4:35 AM

GRE Tunnel ARP entry never times out! – part 2

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
6500, AP, ARP, Cisco, GRE, mn, SUP720, Tunnel, wireless, WLSM

I have been trying to figure out why the APR entries don't timeout as they should do naturally from the tunnels. As it seems, the natural time of 4hr is...

May 24, 2011  5:56 AM

GRE Tunnel ARP entry never times out! – part 1

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
6500, AP, ARP, Cisco, dhcp, GRE, Tunnel, wireless, WLSM

I would like to clear the ARP entries automatically from the GRE tunnel made by the WLSM to the AP. here are the configurations of the tunnels.

interface Loopback1 description tunnel_source ip address 10.x.x.1

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