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July 22, 2013  11:17 PM

How Cisco Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Works?

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Cisco, Firewall, vpn

Branch connectivity to the HQ or the Datacenter is one of the essential topics that almost all businesses have to deal with. Various methods has been developed to connect Branches. All these methods fall under the WAN connectivity module. Wan connectivity can be achieved using:

February 16, 2013  2:17 AM

How to configure VSS?

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
6500, 6509, Cisco, cost, datacenter, design, Firewall, FWSM, server farm, VSS

Virtual Switching System (VSS) was one of the early technologies that introduced in the datacenter world to eliminate spanning tree protocol (STP). Thus, giving networks and servers multiple active links with non-blocking ports architecture. The configurations are quite simple and straight...

December 27, 2011  1:11 AM

Moving from Explicit Proxy to Transparent Proxy – part 2

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
Cisco, design, explicit, Firewall, network, PBR, proxy, router, switch, transparent

If you have read the first part of this series, you would know that there is major upgrade plan move from explicit proxy...

March 11, 2011  4:57 AM

Troubleshoot: distribution Switch acting wierd.

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
3750, 6509, ASA, Cisco, extended ping, Firewall, lost connection, ping, routing, server fam, switch, traceroute, vlan, WLSM

Before i Begin, Lets not talk bout how bad the design is. I know all the issues with our design, and that it is faulty in every possible way. Lets say that I still don't have the managerial power to alter the design yet. The design will change, hopefully sooner than later. I'll explain how the...


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