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September 10, 2013  4:15 AM

How to configure Cisco DMVPN? Part-3

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
ASA, Cisco, configuration, DMVPN, GRE, HUB, ipsec, mGRE

We have seen how in the first part how DMVPN works, the dynamic tunnels and how we can peer Spokes to each other to allow direct traffic. But all will fail if our Hub goes down, as it is critical in keeping the DMVPN network up. For redundancy Dual Hub DMVPN networks were designed, we would look at...

March 11, 2011  4:57 AM

Troubleshoot: distribution Switch acting wierd.

Posted by: Sulaiman Syed
3750, 6509, ASA, Cisco, extended ping, Firewall, lost connection, ping, routing, server fam, switch, traceroute, vlan, WLSM

Before i Begin, Lets not talk bout how bad the design is. I know all the issues with our design, and that it is faulty in every possible way. Lets say that I still don't have the managerial power to alter the design yet. The design will change, hopefully sooner than later. I'll explain how the...


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