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October 22, 2009  2:09 PM

Windows 7 is ‘the biggest pre-order product of all time’

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Win7, Windows 7

"The launch of Windows 7 has superseded everyone's expectations, storming ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the biggest grossing pre-order product of all-time at, and demand is still going strong," says Brian McBride, Amazon UK MD. Continue at

June 21, 2009  3:50 PM

The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Advisor, Win7, Windows 7

Want a quick way to check if your PC can run Windows 7? In general, if your PC can run Windows Vista, it can run Windows 7. But if you're not running Windows Vista, or are just not...


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