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July 7, 2008  3:37 PM

Migrating and Restructuring Active Directory Domains Using ADMT v3.1

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Active Directory, Active Directory Migration Tool, ADMT, Microsoft Windows

Additional new guide release from Microsoft, ADMT v3.1. This guide assists Active Directory administrators in performing domain migration through the use of the Active Directory Migration Tool. Download it

July 7, 2008  3:34 PM

Planning and Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows, Planning and Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers, Read-Only Domain Controller, RODC, Windows Server 2008

Few days ago Microsoft released doc file, that explains all about how to "Planning and Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers". A read-only domain controller (RODC) is a new type of domain controller in the Windows Server® 2008...

July 2, 2008  7:53 PM

“Outlook Anywhere” and problems with IPv6 in Windows Server 2008

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Exchange, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, IPv6, Outlook Anywhere, RPC over HTTP/S, Windows Server 2008

It's not a secret, that IPv6 has some "issues". When I've been in Seattle, at last MVP summit, a lot of IT professionals said that, and all of them recommended to disable IPv6 on Windows 2008 or / and Vista...

June 27, 2008  10:56 PM

Send a Message to All Users in an OU

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Command line, message, Microsoft Windows, send

By using the DSQUERY command and "Net Send" we can send a message to all users in a given OU. It's really simple, create a script, name it NetSendOU.bat and use the following syntax: NetSendOU OU Message Where OU is the organizational unit, like...

June 26, 2008  6:59 PM

It’s here! Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V is available for download…

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows, Virtualization

Just recieved anonce about this and here it is:


Today, Microsoft reaches a significant milestone for customers and partners with the release of Windows...

June 25, 2008  2:58 AM

Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows, Networking

Quite old (released 10/2/2007) but very powerful and useful tool, Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer. Additionally, I...

June 25, 2008  2:45 AM

Windows 2008 Server and Wireless Network Card

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows

If you are going to use Wireless Network Card in Windows 2008 Server, keep in mind to install Wireless LAN features under Server Manager - Features - Add Features. After that then install all...

June 25, 2008  2:39 AM

Sorry, Windows Live programs cannot be installed on Windows Server 2008 :)

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows

Recently, I’ve installed a Windows 2008 Server on my notebook. Then, I started to install all software that I’m using daily. Of course, MSN Messenger is on my ‘Must to have” list. As you may or may not know, Windows 2008...

June 25, 2008  2:27 AM

A reliability and performance update is available for Windows Vista SP1-based computers

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows

An update is available that will help improve the performance and reliability of Windows Vista.

Source:  ...

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June 23, 2008  12:27 AM

Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility on Vista or Windows 2008

Posted by: Michael Khanin
Microsoft Windows, Windows Computing

I guess it's impossible to find IT person who doesn't know very old and at the same time very powerful program, NTBACKUP. For me, it a best program to backup and restore Windows systems, like NT, 2000, XP and 2003...

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