Modern Network Architecture:

Modern Network Architecture

November 27, 2011  8:09 PM

Business Transition – Pre Sale

Posted by: James Murray
business transition, Commercial loan, IT Consulting, Modern Network Architecture, network architects

I like working with business transition experts.  The last 18 years my goal has been to be involved in interesting work.  Business transition experts work with clients that have the most interesting and satisfying work. 

November 19, 2011  6:08 PM


Posted by: James Murray
IT Consulting, Modern Network Architecture, PCI, PCI Governance, PCI Security Standards

A friend of mine who is an attorney was showing me his website.  His blog was all about credit card fraud.  I wrote a quick article for him about PCI Governance

November 19, 2011  6:03 PM

information Security

Posted by: James Murray
information security, Modern Network Architecture, Network Architecture

There seems to be a boring side to Information security and an almost sexy side to data security.  Don't forget to change your password, backup your data, disaster recovery is the boring side.  Ok these are interesting subjects, but talk to a client about countering international gangs of hackers...

November 13, 2011  1:34 PM

Single Silo Communications

Posted by: James Murray
Add new tag, Modern Network Architecture, Newspapers, seattle IT consulting, Single Silo Technologies, Unified Communication, Unified Communication and Newspapers

With information distribution changing so quickly we shouldn't forget how only 30 years ago phone-books, newspapers and magazines were the ways information was almost exclusively distributed.  The information that was distributed then is almost the same as the information distributed today.  We...

November 13, 2011  1:30 PM

Unified Communications and telecom

Posted by: James Murray
Communication Technology Silos, Modern Network Architecture, seattle IT consulting, Unified Communications

Continued »

November 5, 2011  3:40 PM

IT strategic planning

Posted by: James Murray
Business Strategy, IT Consulting, Modern Network Architecture, strategic Planning, strategy, tactices

Ok so the first thing to understand about strategy is that strategy is not the same thing as tactics.  Technology is very tactical within the business organization.  Because this is not always understood by the management teams in the organization, often it's often hard for technical people to...

October 29, 2011  11:58 AM

Feast or Famine Cycle

Posted by: James Murray
Modern Network Architecture, Planning technology

Working and building my Seattle IT Consulting Company my clients are the SMB market but in the last 18 years most of my previous clients have been a mixture with a predominance of fortune 500 companies.  I like this because it has allowed me to see the beginning, middle and end of the technology...

October 29, 2011  11:53 AM

A small business dilemma

Posted by: James Murray
Modern Network Architecture, seattle IT consulting, Small business dilema

What I love about architecting technology for business is the complexity of the problems.  There is a time component where you are trying to figure out how to solve todays problems of time, scope and resources... while at the same time guessing...

October 23, 2011  6:57 PM

What are the ramifications?

Posted by: James Murray
Modern Network Architecture

It's been predicted that notebook and desktop sales will be exceeded by tablet sales by 2015.  Are there any ramifications to the modern network architect if this...

October 20, 2011  11:31 PM

Juniper another look…?

Posted by: James Murray
Add new tag, Modern Network Architecture, Unified Communications

I've been looking harder at the Juniper routers.  Each year I keep hearing better things about Juniper routers, firewalls and switches.  Lately...

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