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December 18, 2012  2:04 PM

The assessment – Business Analysis

Posted by: James Murray
Information system, Information Technology, It consultant, IT Consulting, IT Infrastructure, It Projects, IT Strategy, Modern Network Architecture, Organizational productivity, Project Management, Project Planning, seattle IT consulting

When I started my IT Career I heard this joke about developers…,

…A team of IT experts/developers are sitting together in a room bragging to each other about their skills.  Then the...

December 11, 2012  11:13 AM

How NASA solved a problem we see today.

Posted by: James Murray
business transition, IT Consulting, IT Infrastructure, It Projects, Modern network management, Mondern Network Architecture, Operations roles

Back in the ‘60’s my father was an engineer working for a NASA contractor.  His specialty was acoustics.  At first this may seem like a strange thing for NASA to worry about.  Acoustics is the...

December 11, 2011  10:58 PM

IT Hostages

Posted by: James Murray
IT Consulting, IT Hostage, It Projects, IT services, Modern Network Architecture

In my conversations with clients this week something came out.  That something was one of those unmentionable subjects that many business owners are uncomfortable talking about.  There are three forms of political power in any business.  I'll call them authoritative, charismatic and technical. ...

November 5, 2011  3:41 PM

IT Project – Planning

Posted by: James Murray
It Projects, Mondern Network Architecture, Project Planning, seattle IT consulting

Planning If you've worked in the IT world for any length of time you've implemented technology.  If you've implemented technology you probably know what it's like when things go wrong.  Two or three hours on a weekend can turn into 48 hours of sheer terror.  To avoid the terror, planning is...


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