Modern Network Architecture:

Cloud Architecture rationalization


January 31, 2013  4:42 PM

Onboarding: Feature or benefit for clients

Posted by: James Murray
business growth, business requirements, Business Strategy, Cloud architecture, Cloud architecture questions, Cloud Architecture rationalization

One of my Seattle IT consulting clients had a problem.  After onboarding a new client, suddenly!... They were in the midst of an IT failure cascade.  It started with all the workstations that were old and past their normal life...

January 7, 2013  1:28 PM

The cloud and Henry Ford

Posted by: James Murray
Business continuity, business descisions, Cloud architecture, Cloud architecture questions, Cloud Architecture rationalization, CRM Design, It consultant, IT Consulting, modern network archtictect, Modern Network archtitecture

Change is always interesting.  With the way technology is changing so quickly, I have begun to feel a little dinosaur-ish.  Meaning that I get stuck in the old way of doing things and the idea of changing is becoming more and more daunting.  I have been a

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March 19, 2012  11:38 PM

Modern Network Architecture – The Cloud argument – Capital Expenses

Posted by: James Murray
Add new tag, Cloud Architecture rationalization, IT Consulting, Modern Network Architecture

Back in the early days most business managers saw the computer as a fancy typewriter.  It seemed a little clunky.  It wasn't as fast as the modern electric typewriters.  Yet it had one clear advantage over the typewriter.  You could correct mistakes without re-typing the entire document. 


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