Modern Network Architecture:

Business Strategy


August 26, 2013  11:38 AM

Modern Network Architecture: Work Place productivity

Posted by: James Murray
Backlink strategy, business Checklist, Business continuity, business descisions, business efficiency, business requirements, business scaling, Business Strategy, Network Architecture

This last week I gave a presentation about CRM strategy.  After the presentation, there were some interesting comments made by the business owners in the group I thought might be interesting to both my...

May 17, 2013  7:06 PM

What is your management preference?

Posted by: James Murray
Business Strategy

In the world of IT management styles seem to be more and more confusing.  As a Consultant, I've worked with teams from all over the world.  The hours were long, sometimes sleepless, but very very satisfying.  Then things...

January 31, 2013  4:42 PM

Onboarding: Feature or benefit for clients

Posted by: James Murray
business growth, business requirements, Business Strategy, Cloud architecture, Cloud architecture questions, Cloud Architecture rationalization

One of my Seattle IT consulting clients had a problem.  After onboarding a new client, suddenly!... They were in the midst of an IT failure cascade.  It started with all the workstations that were old and past their normal life...

November 12, 2012  2:01 PM

Ways technology can build business value

Posted by: James Murray
Business continuity, business efficiency, business scaling, Business Strategy, business transition technology, Network Architecture, The Cloud

What is business value?  As a Seattle IT Consultant, this is a question I try to answer for my clients.  This is more than just building more servers and loading more software.  A business is valued by its business processes. 

October 7, 2012  9:43 PM

Innovation Failure…

Posted by: James Murray
business scaling, business stages, Business Strategy, innovation stage

As a Seattle IT Consultant I am called by new business startups, small businesses and businesses that have just seemed to stop growing.  Each business owner asking,

November 5, 2011  3:40 PM

IT strategic planning

Posted by: James Murray
Business Strategy, IT Consulting, Modern Network Architecture, strategic Planning, strategy, tactices

Ok so the first thing to understand about strategy is that strategy is not the same thing as tactics.  Technology is very tactical within the business organization.  Because this is not always understood by the management teams in the organization, often it's often hard for technical people to...

August 31, 2011  9:37 PM

Architecting Redundancy

Posted by: James Murray
Business Strategy, Network Architecture, Network Architecture Strategy, Network Architecture Tactics, Network Redundancy

One of the more complex problems in network architecture design is redundancy.  Sometimes the principles of redundancy and disaster recovery become confused. 


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