Modern Network Architecture

September 29, 2011  11:11 PM

Infrastructure Operations Roles

Posted by: James Murray
Modern Network Architecture, Operations roles

I’ve noticed some questions about how to run a Help desk.  So I wrote up a quick article about IT Operations roles. Continued »

September 24, 2011  3:33 PM

Basic Share Security

Posted by: James Murray
Basic Security, Modern Network Architecture, Share Security

The file server role is one of the simplest roles on the network.  Yet sometimes this simple role becomes very complex when we add in security principles.  The modern network architect needs to understand how to do it right or get really good at troubleshooting complex security Continued »

September 20, 2011  11:30 PM

What is an Edge System?

Posted by: James Murray
DMZ design, Modern Network Architecture

 We are all familiar with core business technologies.  These are the technologies that keep the business running.  Each department within a business will have a database of information that maintains the competitive advantage of the business.  These are the core business systems.  If these systems fail the competitive advantage of the company may be lost.  Sometimes when these systems are compromised the end result could be bankruptcy.  Edge systems are Continued »

September 14, 2011  12:51 AM

Flexibility Schema Operations Master (FSMO) Roles

Posted by: James Murray
FISMO Roles, Modern Network Architecture, seattle IT consulting

Over the years working as a Seattle IT consultant I’ve spent time in many different network infrastructure environments.  After more technical interview that I can remember there are certain questions that are usually always asked.  The most common question is, “What are the five FSMO roles.”  Continued »

September 14, 2011  12:48 AM

Architecting new technology

Posted by: James Murray
Lync server 2010, Modern Network Architecture

In earlier blogs we talked about the need for the modern network architect to be able to anticipate new technologies in their designs.  Somehow the architect needs to look into the future.  What if there was a technology that was coming down the pike that completely turned the network upside down.  Recently I’ve been studying the next version of Microsoft Lync.  Continued »

September 6, 2011  11:23 PM

The Triple Constraint

Posted by: James Murray
Network Architecture, Project Management

In any network architecture project there is a triple constraint: Scope, Time and resources.   If a project is failing then probably one or more of these three variables are out Continued »

August 31, 2011  9:37 PM

Architecting Redundancy

Posted by: James Murray
Business Strategy, Network Architecture, Network Architecture Strategy, Network Architecture Tactics, Network Redundancy

One of the more complex problems in network architecture design is redundancy.  Sometimes the principles of redundancy and disaster recovery become confused.  Continued »

August 30, 2011  12:05 AM

Technical Glaze

Posted by: James Murray
Network Architecture, Planning technology, profitability technology, Selling a project

Do you know what technology glaze is? 

Technology glaze is that glazed look in the eyes users have after listening to an IT consultant or expert for a few minutes.   How quickly do your non-technical audiences get that glazed look?  Continued »

August 24, 2011  6:44 PM

Architecting Scalability

Posted by: James Murray
Network Architecture, Network scaleability, Organizational productivity

Ignoring scalability when designing network architecture is the number one reason, in my opinion, networks fail.  Continued »

August 22, 2011  1:12 AM

10 Questions for a failing network

Posted by: James Murray
Network Architecture

Small and Medium size businesses usually can’t afford an IT department with specialists in every technology field.  So they hire an IT consulting company to come in and take care of the network.  In the Seattle area we find that 85% of small and medium size businesses continue to see network failures even after hiring an IT Support company.  Continued »

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