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January 25, 2011  11:50 PM

Why Is Verizon Being So Conservative about Its iPhone Sales?

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Smartphones

In a conference call with investors today, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo gave his company's prediction for the number of iPhones it expects to sell in 2011. And it's low. Very low. This has got me wondering why this carrier is being so conservative. Shammo 's number is 11 million....

January 18, 2011  3:54 PM

Apple iPhone 4 in a White Casing May Never Appear

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Smartphones

You can get an iPhone 4 in any color you want, as long as what you want is black. Since this smartphone debuted early last summer, it has come in only one color, and those hoping for a version in a white casing have been hoping in vain. Shoppers for previous Apple smartphones had a choice of...

December 30, 2010  12:48 PM

Reports of the Death of the PDA Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Samsung

There was a time that it seemed almost everyone owned a PDA. Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs were everywhere. Then smartphones came along, and it interest in mobile devices that weren't also phones just about dried up. As many consumers switched their focus, the companies that had been giants in...

November 30, 2010  10:57 AM

The Smartphone Market Is Far from Mature

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft

There is a trap that too many people are falling into. I know, because it's one that I have to be careful to avoid. The trap I'm talking about is the belief that the smartphone market is now mature enough that we can easily predict who the winners and losers are going to be. This is something...

October 29, 2010  12:53 PM

Sony PlayStation Phone Will Be a Hit

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Google, Sony

I'm going to go out on a limb and predicting big things for the PlayStation Phone. It's going to sell well, even if some other people are quite skeptical about it.  Don't apologize if you haven't heard of this Android OS-based smartphone -- it hasn't actually been announced yet. Still,

October 23, 2010  11:42 AM

Apple iPad vs. HP Slate: Which Is Better?

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, HP

This week was the debut of the much-anticipated HP Slate, a device that's likely to be the best tablet PC running Windows 7. Many people are very excited about this...

August 30, 2010  10:39 AM

Dell Streak: The Shape of Things to Come

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Dell, Google

The new Dell Streak is definitely controversial. Because it sports a 5.0-inch display, many classify it as a tablet rather than a smartphone. Even Dell has sent...

June 8, 2010  1:41 PM

Verizon Still Likely to Get the iPhone This Year

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, AT&T

Apple CEO Steve Jobs officially took the wraps off the iPhone 4 yesterday, and to the dismay of many said nothing about a version for Verizon. Instead, AT&T will be the exclusive provider...

June 5, 2010  11:49 AM

If You Have an iPad 3G, Sign Up for Unlimited Service NOW

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, AT&T

AT&T announced this week that it is phasing out one of the best features of the iPad 3G: the carrier is ending the unlimited data option for this tablet computer.

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May 21, 2010  1:31 PM

Giving One Carrier Exclusive Access to a Phone Is a Mistake

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, BlackBerry, Palm

Verizon customers, ever wondered why you can't get an iPhone? It's because Apple and AT&T have an exclusive contract that prevents any other U.S. carrier from offering this smartphone. Such deals are completely legal, but not a good idea. The poster child for what can go wrong is the Palm...

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