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November 8, 2011  8:54 AM

iPhone 4S Faces Early Problems

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon

Apple's latest smartphone started shipping in mid-October, and in the weeks since then a couple of problems have come to light. The most obvious one is in its battery life, but the Siri voice-control system has had an issue or two as well.

October 3, 2011  1:44 PM

Don’t Buy an iPhone!

Posted by: Ed Hardy

There's only one piece of advice I can give the world: do not buy an iPhone 4 today. You'll regret it. This isn't because there's something horribly wrong with this device, but it's about to be replaced with a better model. The long-delayed iPhone 5 is going to be officially announced on...

September 25, 2011  9:27 PM

iOS 5 Is as Important as the iPhone 5

Posted by: Ed Hardy

I know that much of the average iFan's attention is on the iPhone 5, but the release of iOS 5 deserves at least as much attention. I know a large percentage of iPhone 4 users won't be upgrading, but if you are in this group then this new version of Apple's operating system will do a lot to tide you...

August 25, 2011  10:49 AM

Steve Jobs No Longer Apple CEO, But There’s Room for Optimism

Posted by: Ed Hardy

Steve Jobs, one of Apple's co-founders and the CEO for most of its existence, is stepping down. This has caused a great deal of concern in some quarters -- Apple's share price opened sharply lower today -- but as far as I'm concerned it's not the beginning of some kind of inevitable slide into...

July 12, 2011  9:42 AM

Android Growing Strongly, iOS Holding Steady, RIM Losing Marketshare: Here’s Why

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft, Palm, RIM

The market-tracking company comScore keeps an eye on the battle between the various smartphone operating systems. There was a significant change covered in its latest report: during the March-May period of this year, Apple's iOS passed  RIM's BlackBerry OS in popularity among U.S. phone...

June 14, 2011  10:55 AM

Apple and Nokia Have Settled Their Patent Dispute: Big Whoop

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Nokia

I recently wrote a blog post entitled Apple Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement: Yawn in which I expressed my lack of interest in the patent disputes...

June 13, 2011  9:48 AM

Don’t Expect the iPhone 5 This Fall

Posted by: Ed Hardy

As you're probably well aware, Steve Jobs broke with tradition and didn't unveil the next-generation iPhone at his company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference last week. I'm sure this has left some of you wondering when the next version of Apple's smartphone will be released. It's coming in a...

April 29, 2011  9:23 AM

White iPhone 4 Slightly Thicker than Black Version

Posted by: Ed Hardy

The long-delayed version of the Apple iPhone 4 in a white outer casing finally launched yesterday, only ten months after...

April 19, 2011  9:15 AM

Apple Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement: Yawn

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Samsung

You may have run across a news report this week about Apple suing Samsung for patent infringement. You won't read about it on Brighthand, though, because it's a non-story. Lawsuits in the smartphone industry are a dime a dozen. As near as I can tell, Apple is suing every other major...

March 29, 2011  2:43 PM

Windows Phone Will Outsell iPhone by 2015? Really?

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM

IDC released its latest Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker report today, including predictions for which mobile operating systems will be gaining market share in the next few years and which will be losing it. This market analysis firm made a safe prediction that Google's Android OS will rise to be...

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