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April 5, 2012  9:09 AM

iPad: The Frequent Traveler’s Companion

Posted by: Ed Hardy

For the past week or so I've been on a cruise down the Rhine River through Switzerland, France, Germany and (soon) Holland. I've noticed a trend: the Apple iPad is the most carried computer on the ship, by a wide margin.

March 21, 2012  4:29 PM

Microsoft Employees Forbidden to Buy Apple Products

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Microsoft

An internal Microsoft memo that has leasked out indicates that Microsoft employees are no longer allowed to use company funds to purchase products made by Apple. This is a sign that the competition between these two has heated up again. Way back in the 1980s, Microsoft and Apple were bitter...

March 14, 2012  12:56 PM

Apple iOS 5.1 Is Kind of a Dud

Posted by: Ed Hardy

Apple released an update for the iPhone's operating system last week. Sadly, the move from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 5.1 offered very little for users of this smartphone. I've been using it for a week now, and I'm completely underwhelmed. This is too bad, as there's a long list of potential enhancements...

February 15, 2012  8:49 AM

Smartphones Keep Getting Bigger and Better

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Android OS, Apple, iOS, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung

It may be hard to believe this, but when the Apple iPhone debuted way back in 2007, many questioned whether a handset so big would find any buyers. Its 3.5-inch display was huge compared to devices like the super-tiny Motorola RAZR which was all the rage back then.

February 9, 2012  12:49 PM

Is the iPhone 4S a 4G Device? Depends on Who You Ask

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, AT&T, Smartphones, Sprint, Verizon

It's a seemingly simple question: Is the newest iPhone a 4G smartphone? Nevertheless, it has a somewhat complex answer. If you're a Verizon or Sprint subscriber, the answer is easy: this device does not support either of these carriers' 4G standards, LTE or WiMAX. The situation for...

January 29, 2012  11:16 AM

Smartphone Makers Should Reduce the Number of Models They Offer

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Motorola, Samsung

The head of HTC's UK division said in an interview last week that, in 2012, his company is going to concentrate on making a few very good smartphones, rather than just throwing a big bunch of models at a wall to see what sticks. This is a good idea, and one that all mobile device makers should...

January 26, 2012  1:41 PM

The iPhone 5 Should Be Released This Summer, Not Next Fall

Posted by: Ed Hardy

You may have seen an article on Brighthand yesterday on the Apple iPhone outselling all Android-based smartphones combined in the U.S. last quarter. While...

January 24, 2012  1:57 PM

Google Android vs. Apple iOS: Which Side Will You Choose?

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, AT&T, Google, Samsung, Sprint, Verizon

It's not easy shopping for a smartphone. There are so many different devices --- the options can be overwhelming. In hopes of making this decision easier, Brighthand has published a comparison between two of the best phone running Google's Android OS and Apple's iOS: the Samsung Galaxy S...

January 3, 2012  3:48 PM

A Tale of Three Operating Systems

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Google, Microsoft

In the past few months, new versions have been released for three of the biggest mobile operating systems: Apple's iOS, Google's Android OS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone. I'm pleased to be able to say that Brighthand has reviewed all of these, so we can present you with information on the...

December 23, 2011  9:26 AM

When Buying Mobile Apps You Get What You Pay For

Posted by: Ed Hardy
Apple, Apps

I sometimes wonder if software for smartphones and tablets isn't too inexpensive. How many great apps aren't being developed because companies know people will complain if it costs more than $5? And all upgrades have to be free. Good, powerful, and useful smartphone apps sell for a tiny...

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