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July 24, 2012  2:07 PM

The new managed service provider

Posted by: mspprophet
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The economy has shaken our country to its core. More jobs were lost that will never come back. So as the country re-shapes itself, businesses are also reforming and transforming the business landscape. Part of this reformation is how technology is deployed, managed and maintained. The new...

March 28, 2012  4:43 PM

Surveying the Damage

Posted by: mspprophet
MSP business, MSP consulting

We want to know, but we don’t want to know. It’s hard to hear criticism. I mean, who do they think they, are criticizing our hard work. I was so scared of reading our first survey I think I walked about an hour to relax before I sat down to absorb the “state of the union”. This goes in...

March 16, 2012  1:06 PM

Here we go again!

Posted by: mspprophet
MSP, MSP consulting, thin clients

Haven’t we already been down this road? The late 90’s saw a spurt of; “We’re going to eliminate the pc and move to more centralized design and management” “It will save us trillions!!” “Thin Clients are the future” and then, nothing happened. Concerns about connectivity and...


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