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mainframe LPAR


August 23, 2010  5:17 PM

What is Cloud Compiling, and is it safe for mainframes?

Posted by: Ryan Arsenault
cloud computing, COBOL, DataCenter, mainframe costs, mainframe LPAR, z/OS

Cloud computing can be a touchy area for some IT admins – especially when mainframes are brought into the equation – because of security concerns. But if security issues weren’t a concern, would companies be willing to run mainframe workloads in the cloud to reduce mainframe costs? Enter

March 8, 2009  2:53 PM

Run your blade server like it’s a mainframe LPAR

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
mainframe LPAR, mainframe user group share

What if you could run your blade server as if it were an extension of your mainframe? The concept is there, the reality not too far away, according to IBM. At the Share mainframe user group conference...


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