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February 12, 2009  10:26 PM

And you thought the various Linux distributions were hard to understand..

Posted by: Xjlittle
Fedora, Linux, opensuse, ubuntu, windows 7

I've talked with users who have stated that they don't understand what Linux distribution to use, with so many of them available that it is confusing. If that's confusing then how in the world do you figure out what Windows version you are going to use? Windows Vista had six SKUs and it looks...

December 9, 2008  12:47 AM

SELinux on Ubuntu

Posted by: Xjlittle
centos, linux security, red hat, selinux, ubuntu

The other day after installing Ubuntu on one of my test machines I noticed that there was an ls -Z command which shows various selinux information about files and directories. Running this command however gave some strange output, primarily ? marks. I thought this was a little strange but had...

September 1, 2008  9:34 PM

Ubuntuserver is unbelievably stupid

Posted by: Xjlittle
centos, grub, gui, headless, inittab, lilo, Linux, ssh, ubuntu, ubuntuserver, ubuntuserver upgrade, zimbra

Yes you read the title right. Ubunutserver is unbelievably stupid. Ok let's take it from the top. I had Ubuntuserver 7.0.4 installed as my WebDAV secure server, my son's baseball team's website, samba and so on. I run this server headless and without a gui. Note here that the normal install...


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