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April 7, 2009  12:23 AM

Does the Operating System really matter?

Posted by: Xjlittle
applications, Linux, open source, operating system, windows 7

After reading this article I started asking myself if the Operating System really does matter for most users. I finally reached the conclusion that it does. Here's why. For my own vote I asked myself if I would switch from...

March 27, 2009  6:55 PM

And you thought conficker was dead

Posted by: Xjlittle
Conficker, downadup, Linux, Microsoft, open source, Security

The conficker worm that infected millions of computers starting last October was believed to be at bay. Not so according to Vincent Weafer, vice president of Symantec's security response group. Computers infected with this worm are being updated with a stronger variant. The variant is designed...

March 23, 2009  3:17 AM

Virginia releases first open source text book

Posted by: Xjlittle
education, electronic textbook, open source, science, technology

Virginia has released a beta version of the nation's first open source text book. The book is a collaboration by state departments of Technology and Education as well volunteer educators, engineers and scientists. The book was developed using web based resources to quickly update information...

March 15, 2009  6:43 PM

CEOs ask Obama to mandate that agencies consider Open Source

Posted by: Xjlittle
open source, tax payer, taxes, us government

The Collaborative Software Initiative and other backers of Open Source Software sent a letter to President Obama requesting that he mandate federal agencies consider how software purchased by the federal government is developed. The letter stated that the open and collaborative way that open...

February 11, 2009  1:14 AM

A response to Why are some open source people so adamant about doing a discervice to their users?

Posted by: Xjlittle
business, open source, proprietary, software

I want to respond to a post by one of my fellow bloggers titled Why are some open source people so adamant about doing a discervice to their...

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December 7, 2008  11:04 PM

Your voice, the new President and Open Source

Posted by: Xjlittle
federal budget, government spending, open source, President Obama,

Did you know that there is a web site called that was created and runs on an open source platform? I didn't until recently. Congress passed a law in 2006 that says that every government contract along with it's sponsors and associated costs must be made available to the...

November 10, 2008  6:02 PM

Russia and Cuba kick out Microsoft in favor of Open Source Software

Posted by: Xjlittle
ALT Linux, Cuba, Microsoft, open source, Russia

In a recent article that I ran across the two Governments have decided that Open Source is what they should be using instead of Microsoft. They stated the normal reasons that we usually hear when a...

October 17, 2008  11:46 PM

Chalk one up for Linux and Health Care

Posted by: Xjlittle
alfresco, health care, health care software, healthcare, jboss, licensing, linux and health care, open source, red hat

When it comes to health care it always seems as though it and Linux have a strange relationship. Doctors tend to purchase software without any thought to cost or licensing. The generally leads them into a one-size-fits-all solution and they just deal with the shortcomings of the software or go...

October 17, 2008  2:19 AM

Virus shuts down sales of ASUS eee PC’s in Japan

Posted by: Xjlittle
FUD, Linux, open source, virus, windows

The virus known as recycled.exe was put on the D: drive at the factory. When the user booted the ASUS eee PC the first time the virus copied itself to the C: drive. According to ASUSTEK there were 4500 of the eee PCs made for Japan and only about 300 sold. Now for me this begs the...

October 9, 2008  1:15 AM

Open Source products that add to the bottom line

Posted by: Xjlittle
alfresco, blackberry, Linux, open source, Open source applications, smartphone, zimbra

I have often wondered when the thought processes of people would shift from equating Linux and Open Source as one and the same. I need not wonder any longer as that time is here. And this is a good thing. In the past people, more often than not, spoke of Linux and Open Source in a way that...

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