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September 13, 2008  8:46 PM

Netbooks, Notebooks, Windows and Linux

Posted by: Xjlittle
Linux, netbook, notebook, windows

Most of us have heard of the Netbook. You know, the small 7" screen Linux powered EeePC from ASUS. Of course Dell, Acer and MSI have joined in the fray. That's fine. Competition is a good thing. For one reason or another, probably because ASUS did not set reasonable expectations about what a...

September 9, 2008  6:00 PM

Why I like TinyMe Linux

Posted by: Xjlittle
Linux, notebook, notebook computer, operating system, tinyme

TinyMe Linux is the Operating System of choice if you have an older pc or notebook that you want to use. I have one of those and I have put it to good use with TinyMe. My wife likes to have a notebook computer in the kitchen. This way she can look...


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