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November 16, 2008  10:12 PM

Set your hardware and system clocks with the date and hwclock commands

Posted by: Xjlittle
date, hardware clock, hwclock, Linux, rtc, set system time, system clock, time

Today we're looking at the date and hwclock commands to set your system and hardware clocks. Have you ever put a server into production only to realize that you had not set the hardware clock to UTC or any other time? When you've already put the machine into production it's pretty difficult to...

November 14, 2008  3:26 PM

Application Whitelisting for Window..or is it SELinux

Posted by: Xjlittle
anti-virus, Linux, malware, root kit, rootkit, Security, selinux, whitelisting

I recently read an article in eWeek that talked extensively about Application Whitelisting. The more of the article that I read this seems to be nothing more than SELinux on Windows. The Windows people are looking to lock down their machines because of the horrendous numbers of viruses, trojans...

November 8, 2008  2:59 PM

Help! root can’t login

Posted by: Xjlittle
/root, chage, Linux, passwd, password

I occasionally see the post Help! root can't login on some of the discussion boards around the net. Generally this is for two reasons. Either the account has expired or a forgotten password. The forgotten password is straightforward to fix. When booting the machine enter the grub menu. Your...

November 5, 2008  2:56 PM

Maintaining your sanity with SELinux

Posted by: Xjlittle
centos, chcon, linux security, red hat, restorecon, sealert, Security, selinux, setroubleshoot

Yes I know..everyone wants to turn off selinux. The Notes Domino people even tell you to turn off selinux before installing Domino. While this is probably a good idea for them in normal server cases it is maybe not such a good idea under normal circumstances. SeLinux is another excellent layer...

October 25, 2008  12:56 AM

Red Hat and the IBM Open Collaboration Client Solution

Posted by: Xjlittle
collaboration, collaboration suite, domino, ibm, Linux, Lotus Domino, notes, notes domino, occs, open collaboration, open collaboration client solution, red hat

Have you heard about the Red Hat and IBM Open Client Collaboration Solution (OCCS)? This is a collaboration solution put together by Red Hat and IBM utilizing the Notes Domino collaboration suite running on Red Hat. Normally I try...

October 21, 2008  12:06 PM

Why I don’t like Gnome Evolution

Posted by: Xjlittle
evolution, gnome, gnome evolution, linux calendar, linux evolution

I really wanted to title this "Why Gnome Evolution sucks" but thought that was a little harsh since the application itself doesnt suck. Why don't I like Gnome Evolution? In a word printing. In more words when trying to print a decent looking...

October 17, 2008  11:46 PM

Chalk one up for Linux and Health Care

Posted by: Xjlittle
alfresco, health care, health care software, healthcare, jboss, licensing, linux and health care, open source, red hat

When it comes to health care it always seems as though it and Linux have a strange relationship. Doctors tend to purchase software without any thought to cost or licensing. The generally leads them into a one-size-fits-all solution and they just deal with the shortcomings of the software or go...

October 17, 2008  2:19 AM

Virus shuts down sales of ASUS eee PC’s in Japan

Posted by: Xjlittle
FUD, Linux, open source, virus, windows

The virus known as recycled.exe was put on the D: drive at the factory. When the user booted the ASUS eee PC the first time the virus copied itself to the C: drive. According to ASUSTEK there were 4500 of the eee PCs made for Japan and only about 300 sold. Now for me this begs the...

October 15, 2008  9:32 PM

LPIC 101

Posted by: Xjlittle
certification, Linux, linux professional institute certificaion, lpic, lpic 1

Well I finally decided to go ahead and start the LPIC certification process. Today I took the LPIC 101 (first test) and passed with a score of 650 For those of you who don't know LPIC stands for Linux Professional Institute Certification. There are three...

October 15, 2008  10:57 AM

Why use Linux?

Posted by: Xjlittle
Linux, Lotus Domino, red hat, red hat virtualization, Virtualization, vmware

I hear this question occasionally. I hear the usual because it's free or because it's secure. While all of this is true and certainly plays a part in the decision to use Linux it is not my primary reason for using Linux. In a nutshell it comes down to a substantially better price:performance...

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